What aircraft do you suggest

What aircraft do you suggest for a really long flight like Auckland to Zurich for an over night flight? If this flight is possible 😂

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Your best bet is going with the 77L

I’d suggest the 787-8(any 787 works, but that one has the lowest weight, so you might burn less fuel).

As long as you use the 77L or the 787-8 and only use no cargo, barely any passengers and full fuel and step climb. That is your best chance. The flight is just under 23 hrs and going that East to West direction you will encounter some bad headwinds. You will most likely not make it. Your only chance of possibly making it is going from Zurich to Auckland. Good luck!

😂thanks guys, I was just wondering

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no prob, fly safe!

You can take 77L, 787 or 748 with low load

Also, 767 range is like 24 hrs in IF with a proper load cuz it’s broken so that works too

No that isn’t true, the 748 has less range than the 77L and the 767 definitely does not have that kind of range.

I said in IF… I know the range is like 15 hours irl

That’s what I mean. But the flight he is doing the 767 will not make it.

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