What aircraft can fly the highest in Infinite Flight?

Would love to know as I need it for a QOTD :)

How would you define “the highest?” Within the atmosphere? Out of the atmosphere?

If it’s the former, your best bet would be a commercial aircraft (light load) or a fighter. If it’s the latter, your best bet would be a fighter.

The A330-300 obviously


Just the highest altitude it can go.

That’s horrifying.

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That’s dependent on so many factors. Not to mention, there is a difference between the highest-rated altitude an aircraft can go and how high you can push it.

Regardless, the answer remains the same. A fighter will get you the highest in either circumstance.


I have reached 90000 in an F22 so try that

Well I’d need to know the exact aircraft as I need it for the question of the day.

Okay, I wonder if anyone else climbed higher?

you can punch through 100k in the f-22

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How do you guys do that? I’d like to see mother earth :)

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A friend of my did it. Not me. But it’s very easy to do this. You just have to do more research on that. Lol

Spawn at the lukla approach that is inside the mountains, and dive down building up negative vs and it’ll eventually come back to positive and shoot you up.

You can also use the replay glitch. Spawn in anywhere in any plane and exit IF for 5+ minutes and return, resume IF and then quit flight. then watch the replay and the magic unfold

I was surprised they actually build a earth in IF

the replay glitch is a good one hahaha

So dive off the mountain and let myself fall?

no, on solo mode spawn on the runway 24 approach and dive down. F-22 or other fast jet is preferred

Okay, I’ll go try that right now.

Okay what?! How do you get up there? 🤣🤣