What aircraft are going to replace the QF 747s?

So I was just browsing round FR24 and I was curious about flight QF63/64 SYD-JNB. Weirdly on the aircraft type it still displays as 747

Obviously there are numerous complicating factors with this route, I was wondering what aircraft Qantas is actually going to use.


Qantas is not continuing to fly their Johannesburg route right now, as they’ve ended all international services. If you click on the flights below, it’ll likely show “unknown” which means it hasn’t been flown. Once international services resume, it’s likely the route will either be with the 787-9 (which is the only one that has the range in their international fleet to fly from Sydney to Johannesburg besides the A380), or maybe the 747 if they decide to continue its flights.

Also, they’ve only parked the 747, not retired :)


The app displays the 747 as default aircraft. Since this flight is cancelled, it doesn´t have updated info.

Although, I personally think they might use de 787-9 Dreamliner. They do have in their fleet the A380 but Im not sure that will be 100% profitable.

Qantas has confirmed the Sydney to Santiago route operated with the 747 will be replaced by the 787-9.

all long haul 747 routes are meant to be replaced by the 787-9

qantas already flies to japan with the a330 in coordination with the 747

Qantas will serve Vancouver with the 787

My question is, why didn’t they retire the fat A380?

Because their 747s are less efficient and are significantly older than their A380s

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Oh okay. The A380 is fat and inefficient too tho… I don’t totally get it.

Surely, its easier to fill a 747.

The A380 is the king of inefficient.

As a person who frequently flies on Qantas, the 787 is definitely going to replace all of the past 747 routes including this one

Qantas’ A380s are actually rather successful. They don’t have a set retirement date and they’re in the process of refurbishing them to the new seats in all 4 cabins.

Qantas’ A380s are used on trunk routes such as SYD-SIN/LAX.

Also, Qantas’ Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth A380 route is (was) DFW’s number 1 route that generated the most revenue.


However due to the success of the newly added 787, they’ll all probably be replaced. It might be expensive, but I remember when 2 years ago the 747 used to fly Brisbane to Los Angeles, and they were 1 year later replaced with the 787, due to it just having better travel sufficiency, and better fuel efficiency. Plus it also fit less passengers, but there’s a lot of things on the 787 many other aircraft don’t have

I’m pretty sure it’ll be the 787 Dreamliner,

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Johannesburg is too far for the A330-300… but the A330-300 is ETOPS 240 rated.

Thinking about it they could do it with their A330-200 or 787-9 as easily and maybe even more profitable.

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Is there significant demand on the Johannesburg route? I didn’t think that there was a lot of demand, although the two countries are very culturally linked, due to the colonial history.

I’m very well aware that Qantas isn’t flying any international services right now, but I’m just curious as this route is a unique route that I would not want to see ended. One of my bucket list flights is QF63!

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qantas has already planned to move syd to johannesburg to the 787 already

Cape Town is also on the Project Sunrise short-list for SYD/MEL/BNE, so there’s definitely some substantial demand between the two countries.

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