What Aircraft and Region should I buy?

I have enough money to buy 1 airport and 1 plane. I already own the 787-9 and the 757 so I’m wondering what you guys would pick? The airport would have to be good for live, thanks

Personally I will tell you to get the 777-300ER it’s amazing 😉 And about the airport you can get London . Good luck


for me it’s the A320 and KSEA

A319 and Hawaii as you can get some long flights in Hawaii or just wait until global for the region

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777-300ER or A330, but definitely get London for live


Are the Carribean Islands good for live?

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The answer is yes.I think Caribbean it’s good 😊 look 👀 at the picture
Decided if you really want.

Or London I make -zoom because it’s too larger. Good luck with the choice .

These are what you shouldn’t buy aircraft wise:
Any of the E-Jet family
I recommend the a320 for narrow-body
777-300ER for a wide-body

These are the regions you shouldn’t buy (IMO):
New York
I recommend Southern Florida

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I wouldn’t buy any regions as of now.


As zbelle said i would hold of on the regions unless you really want one. Aircraft wise the A320 or 777-300ER are great. A320 is perfect size for our current regions and it can still travel far for when global comes.

737,any variant

It already comes with one, so whats the point? :/

Because it lacks the better liveries 😐😐😐

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The crj is free

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Get the 777-300ER. Don’t buy any regions since Global Flight will come in the next update with all the regions added.

How you know that?

I would suggest you to buy Britain’s map… also would suggest you not to buy any fighter jet as they don’t have autopilot… if you don’t like to line up for runway while landing buy an aircraft with APPR hope it helps … :)

Because if you fly around the world, then every single airport will be added right? The developers already confirmed that Global Flight is coming, which adds every airport around the world.

Not nessceserily the next one.