What aircraft and airlines did you fly last year? (2021)

Hi everyone!

I was looking back at 2021, and I thought it was a great year for me as an Infinite Flight pilot! I only flew for 2 to 3 months, but I got some incredible flights and events done. Here are some of the stats that I put together from my personal logbook! I encourage you to keep a logbook so you can track how often you fly an airline, aircraft, or even route!

Here is my aircraft log of 2021:

Aircraft Times Flown
B77W 19
B77L 4
B772 6
B788 4
B789 7
B78X 4
B752 6
B738 2
A333 5
A359 16

Here is my airports log of 2021: (Just top 10 listed)

Airport Times Flown
VTBS/BKK - Bangkok 12
WSSS/SIN - Singapore 10
OMDB/DXB - Dubai 9
KLAX/LAX - Los Angeles 8
EGLL/LHR - London 7
VHHH/HKG - Hong Kong 6
EHAM/AMS - Amsterdam 6
RJTT/HND - Tokyo Haneda 5
RKSI/ICN - Seoul 5
EDDM/MUC - Munich 5

Here is my airlines log of 2021: (Just top 10 listed)

Airline Times Flown
Singapore Airlines 8
Delta Airlines 6
United Airlines 5
British Airways 5
Lufthansa 5
Emirates 5
Thai Airways 4
Cathay Pacific 3
ANA All Nippon 2

Longest Routes: (Top 8)

What are your guys’s longest routes, most flown aircraft, and most visited airport? Share down below!


Unfortunately I couldn’t fly in 2021 :(. I will be flying in March to KTUL for a college tour/discovery flight at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology though :). That’s fun haha!

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I think he means in Infinite Flight


Says here in his post


RIP!!! I’ve been fooled LOL. Infinite Flight-wise, I think I’ve flown mostly the 777 family and the A350 :P. The livery I’ve used the most is the IF10 Year Anniversary and the ANA Liveries lol.


Lmao, I flew lots of A330 and 777 in 2021 in solo bcs I thought live was useless 😂😂😂

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LOL!! ANA liveries are great! I wish they would add the ANA livery to the 789 or 788. Would open up so many more routes!

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Lol! I flew the a330 at first a few times, but I did not really like it or its routes that much so I stopped flying it. In fact, I still haven’t flown the a330neo lol.

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That’s a cool but weird style lol

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I still haven’t flown the a220 either lol.

same here.

American e145 GRR-ORD
American a321 first class ORD-SEA
American 737-800 SEA-ORD
American e145 ORD-GRR


Nice GRR 👀

I flew:
GRR-MDW (Southwest’s 3rd shortest flight)


Since I’ll be 16 this summer, I have a ton more trips planned!


My most flown aircraft was the B738. My most flown route was KSAT-KBWI. My longest route was KAUS-EGLL. My most visited airport is KSAT.

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Wow is just that until now have not flown the A220 or 330neo

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Oh boy. Here we go.
Most Flown Aircraft: DeHavilland Dash 8-400 (26 flights)
Aircraft with Most Miles: Boeing 787-8 (28,447 miles)
Most Visited Airport: Warsaw-Chopin Airport (EPWA) (61 times)
Most Flown Route: London-Heathrow to Warsaw-Chopin
Longest Flight: WAW-LAX (12 hours, 6,008 miles)
Most Flown Airline: LOT Polish Airlines (61 flights, 56,347 miles)

Total Flights in 2021: 198 Flights
Total Miles in 2021: 180,460 miles

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I’m pretty sure this is for IF, sooo:

Most flown aircraft in IF (2021)? Probably the 757-200. (Dutchbird, AA, United, Delta)

Most flown route? I honestly don’t know. Might’ve been Heathrow > Amsterdam or the opposite. Could’ve also been KLAX > KSAN

And since some are saying IRL stuff… well… I haven’t flown anywhere IRL (in 2021) anyways 🤷‍♂️

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Ooh! That’s awesome. The airport closest to me is BWI. I often planespot there!

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Yep me too. I haven’t flown IRL since the end of 2019. Its been almost 2 and a half years. Can’t wait to get back in the air.

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Ooh! Thats awesome! I have yet to fly to Warsaw in IF. I hope to visit it soon!