What age do you need to be to start dual instruction?

My CAP squadron has created an opportunity to go to a ground school near where I live partially funded by the USAF and I will be starting it in a few days. Because I love flying so much, I want to start my dual instruction as early as possible and get my PPL on the day of my 17th birthday. However, I am not sure about how to go about finding an instructor or the age requirements to start logging dual flight time. Also, would it be recommended that I start at 14 or should I start at 15-16? Thank you in advance.


You can be as old as 2 years old, I had a friend who started lessons at 12 years old and had a ton of hours when he solo and got his certificate


Great! I will be starting my dual instruction after my ground school during summer break. Can’t wait!

I wish I did that.


In my opinion start as early as you can as long as you have the money to do so. I started flying when I was 13 🤷🏻‍♂️ I do recommend that if you do take flying routine flight lessons you should do it in a slow pace. Maybe fly like once a month or so. Why at a slow pace you may ask? Well if you start flying at this age you may end up spending all of your money and then when you really need the hours you may not have that money. So just take it slow and maybe fly one every month or once every two months and once you can solo you can actually start flying a bit more often so you have all of your requirements done and dusted once you turn 17 and all you have to do is pass that check ride! 😄
When it comes to finding a flight school well try and find one that’s good for you, just because it’s the most popular or because it has the newest planes doesn’t necessarily make it the best. I’ve had to move flight Schools because the first one just wasn’t for me…Everything was WAY too rushed and I could barely learn from my instructor. I was basically learning everything by myself 😅. So take a look around your area, identify potential flight schools that could suit you, don’t rush it or you might end up making a mistake. One of the most important things in aviation is discipline and self control, you’re going to need it because once you start flying you’re gonna want to fly more and more but remember…it isn’t cheap and it’s not worth wasting that much money at this stage in flight training, take your time and use the simulator to control your flying urges. Another suggestion is that you really learn from that ground school because you’re going to need it once you start training, it’s going to make you and your instructors life way easier. Plus you make a good impression with your CFI. If you have any questions feel free to DM me! Happy landings!


Is that the Cadet Wings program?

I’m not sure as my squadron has only recently found out about the opportunity to get your PPL. All I know currently is that someone came into my last meeting of 2019 and told my squadron about ground school and then he told us the cost of it and said that it was reduced because we are the USAF auxiliary and that we needed a recommendation from our squadron commander to get a seat. I did get the seat and the cost is paid for. I will attend the lessons for 10 consecutive sundays starting this Sunday and will be taking an FAA test. That’s about all I know right now.

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