What age do you have to be to be able to fly in a sim?

As the question says. Just wanted to know out of interest. This is for the UK. Unless it’s the same age around the globe. Google didn’t give me answers, it just gave me a load of rubbish!


It will depend on what the company who operates the sim says


Yeah. It’s BA. But I couldn’t find anything :-(

Wait, British airways have public flight sims?

There is no “law” or “regulation” that prevents people under a certain age from using a flight sim, that I am aware of. Only the individual operators can determine who they will allow on their sims.


No. My friend works for BA. I am luckily going to go to one of their sims privately that actual pilots train in! I just wanted to know the age restriction.

I found out that they do though

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Where does it say that? @AdamCallow

I used google

I hate Google! It always lies and hides stuff from me!

What is the age restriction please? @AdamCallow

I haven’t a clue

Are you lying? 🤔 Because how do you know if they have an restriction and don’t even what it is? 😉

First: I never lie about aviationEVER
Second: I don’t know if there is a restriction or not
Third: I suggest that you contact them directly if you want to find out😎


I will ask my friend. Thanks @AdamCallow. Sorry for suggesting you were lying😉

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@British-Airways it definitely depends on the airline or company that is operating them. But the ironic thing about this post is that you are technically allowed to FLY a plane at any age as long as you have an instructor or licensed pilot with you in the cockpit, at least in the U.S.

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I know the simulators without motion like in the Emirates avaiation experience have no age but I’m sure the professional ones do but probably just to stop any babies from going in, but I assume a toddler would be fine in there it’s just like a roller coaster

I’ve been on a 737-800 simulator at the Virtual Jet Center (UK)


MaxSez: There is no age limit worldwide. Ya just gotta have the full fee and your toe’s must touch the peddlers. (General Admission Sim,s are profit motivated). LOL


Does anybody know if there are flight sims at JFK? I searched google but found nothing.

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