What?.....Advanced complaint

I was flying a pattern in a Spit. When taxiing I got a bit ahead of myself and entered the runway, he told me to leave, I did and apologised. While flying my pattern he told me to check help pages… @Louis_Cochran (I think it was you)

He told you to make right traffic and you made left traffic. Why?

I made right traffic.

For next time I suggest you PM the controller.

Carson has a good point although did you enter the runway without clearance as well?

Then why did you report on “left downwind” if you made right traffic?

Yeah. But this was waaaay after. I entered because I got ahead of myself. First time I’ve done it.

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Oh crap, I pressed the wrong button…

You must’ve pressed the wrong button for “left base” aswell;)


Well this is embarrassing… I’m ever so sorry.

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I was thinking the same thing :/

As always, the (Advanced) controller was right.

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Guys… Max Sez… You know better this is a Pilot/PM Topic/Issue.


Look, I apologised. I got mixed up. I was wrong. I did make right traffic though. Just let it drop.

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Yup he should’ve PMed the controller. However, since he left this out on the forum for everyone to see I had to point out the obvious error.

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