What about the TBM's cockpit? When is it coming?

Ok, first of all, Devs THANK YOU SO MUCH for the new C172 rework, I am so excited to fly it and it is through IF that I have found room in my heart for GA. I used to only like airliners but now I get it and I enjoy VFR flying and taking planes like the C172 for a spin.

Now this may seem like a complaint but I promise you it isn’t, I’m just wondering, will the TBM get a live cockpit anytime soon?

The TBM is my favorite aircraft to fly in the sim rn, it’s so fun to fly and pretend you’re a rich man flying VFR around Dubai or San Jose just because you can, and with the new C172 rework announcements I was wondering if the TBM would receive a live cockpit anytime in the near future (i.e. 4-6 months).

The TBM live cockpit was an easter egg at Flight Sime Expo 2019. Since the TBM utilizes the same glass display as the C172 and X-Cub, and it’s already been put into a working version of IF, I feel like it should be the next aircraft to receive a live cockpit after the C172.

Anyways, I can’t wait to see more GA aircraft get updated and thank you again for everything you guys do


You may have seen on the C172 WIP pics that they are working on new maps. I imagine this is what they have been working on for so much time.

I hope they will be telling us about it though.

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Yes, we will. A pre alpha view was previewed during the Oshkosh event. A lot of screens was blank, which requires a lot of work after the Summers OSH event. Let’s not forget about further break adjustments in the rudder too.

We dont know about much really. I do not know myself how is the progress going. I have heard that Laura was operating such development but no news with that. 🤷‍♂️


When I went to Flight Sim Expo in June, only the main screen on the pilot and co pilot were operational. The rest were black. However, Laura said that the C172 updates would include other features that will be announced later. Perhaps the TBM Cockpit is one of them 🤷‍♂️


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