What about the Arabic airports? Here's a list for the most

You have added the most of the Arabic airlines and we are proud of that , but we wish you add some Arabic airspace and airports .
Here’s some gulf Arabian airports :


Dubai (DXB) ( United Arab Emirates)

Jeddah (JED) ( Saudi Arabia )

Abu Dhabi (AUH) ( United Arab Emirates)

Kuwait (KWI) ( Kuwait )

Riyadh (RUH) ( Saudi Arabia )

Bahrain (BAH) ( Bahrain )

Muscat (MCT) ( Oman )

Doha (DOH) ( Qatar )

Abha (AHB) ( Saudi Arabia )

Sharjah (SHJ) ( United Arab Emirates)

Medina (MED) ( Saudi Arabia )

Salalah (SLL) ( Oman )
DAMMAM (DMM) ( Saudi Arabia )

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Every airport will be added once Global is out, don’t worry :) You also have to be TL2 to post in features, and you are TL0. Just keep posting and reading and you’ll get there.

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That’s nice from you , thank you for the fast response, hope a good luck for the developers, you know that’s the Arabic players are lot in the game , and we need the Kuwait livery A330 … Ahh I forget :p , I’m sorry for the post , wish you a good luck …

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Global Flight it’s coming :) 🌐 all Arab airports will be there soon! And thanks for joining the forums as well.