What about our fighters?

Hey guys! What do you think? Should revive our fighters with more plane options, liveries, or both? Being a military aviation enthusiast, I would love to have more variety out there! Comment below what you all think we should add!


What do you mean by “more options?”

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He means liveries for different squadrons.

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That would be cool. I’ll endorse that:)


I find fighters very hard to land as they are very unstable and hard to control on Approach, would rather have some more GA aircraft


@Jasper…Max Sez… Nobody said it was Ez Jasper. The Fighter is not unstable, the Pilot is unskilled!! Practice makes perfect. Drilling holes in the sky point to point on autopilot is for those with passive personalities!


Yes, sir. You are right. Currently I’m a bus driver having problems flying props and fighters. The thing I actually wanted to bring across was that I’d rather have some more props over fighters


Fighters are not meant to be stable, that’s why the maneuver so well. They have to be unstable to out-turn and out-maneuver their opponents/targets. And I think it would be great for those who like a challenge.


@Peter_Siviglia… Max Sez, Kinda disagree with you on Fighter Stability Pete. Except for that new US Fly by Wire Pig, the F-22 which goes ballistic if a curcuit breaker brakes most modern fighters follow the basic “Gun Platform” model. High wing loading is the key.


Yeah, the F22 goes from 0-1500+ kts in about 5-10mins😂😂

Lol! Not even that long! But I do think that the developers should do some more research in the handling and performance characteristics of the fighters.

If not for nothing, at least put some more military transports or AWACS or refueling planes. Basically more badass commercial planes

Aren’t all the fighters the same just with different cockpits and shapes?

No way man!

No no no no no no…no. Made by different companies with different aerobic qualities


Each plane, the way it’s shaped, how big it is, how many engines and how powerful they are, all make a huge difference between them all.


That’s not what I mean guys. I’m not an idiot. What I was trying to say is are they all the same in infinite flight.

Most cockpits are declassified. But if it was something like a stealth bomber, then they have to go with something other than the actual cockpit.

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Nope, the F-22 is definitely faster than the rest

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@Narroc_Wim. The Fighter each have there own physics and design characteristics Corran. To prove it do a dissimilar ACM sortie; F–14 V’s F/A-18. See who out turns the other or hold its energy out of envelope longer.
Our F-22 is a freak. It’s data as published is moskarovka, the Dev,s are winging the physic on that pig.