What about new airplanes?

Hello developers! I would really like if there were some new airplanes. and i bet much people want them too!
there is the list of aircrafts you really could add in the game:
Airbus A300
Airbus A310
Boeing 727-200
Boeing 737-200
Boeing 777x (when possible)

and new liveries like:
737-800 - GOL
A320,767,777 - TAM
A330,A340 - TAP portugal

maybe some lights on taxiways and parkings on airports, clouds, rain and the option to turn ON and OFF the engine.

Really sorry for the giant text. have a good day!

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Unfortunately this is a feature request and you need to be TL2 to make a post such as this. To achieve TL2 try reading posts and replying to people’s comments. Nice ideas, search and you can add your input on existing topics:)