What about little ATC-supplement?

Hello altogether,
I am not sure if this is the right place… I would like to make a suggestion about the ATC-schedule:

Wouldn’t it be great, if the schedule was assigned one more airfield from the previous day’s schedule on each new day?
I like to fly always from the last landing spot and preferably at ATC-operated spots - and then I would have the possibility to fly every day from one ATC spot to the next…
I ask for your indulgence if I did not place my request correctly and wish everyone a good weekend.
Many greetings!

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Usually the only top or if you are lucky top 2 airports in the schedule get ATC frequently. Although it’s not a bad idea, I doubt anyone would control the airport.

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The ATC Schedule always changes at 0600Z. Although not 100% sure it’s true.

That is a factual statement that no one knows how it’s relevant to the topic.

And additionally, its NEVER like that. Once it hits 0000Z, you have a very slim chance of getting ATC at todays airport.

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You could fly between the two regions but time it correctly so you have a likelihood of having ATC at both ends.

I don’t know what time zone OP, you are in which would affect whether this method would work but it’s an idea which a lot of people use.


The featured airport changes at 0600Z everday, however according to the new schedule system the ATCs can open any airport at anytime, and it often so happens that the ATC moves on to the next day featured airport before 0600Z if the today’s featured airport seems deserted. For ex lets say today the featured airport includes some airport from the Indonesia (general region which doesn’t get much traffic) and the day after KSFO is featured, its more likely that the ATC will move to KSFO before the clock hits 0600Z, since not much traffic is available in Indonesia and the west coast of America is becoming busy and would enjoy some ATC action

This already exists, and is entirely within your control. Users are more than welcome to fly from the previous scheduled airport to the scheduled airports the following day. Yes, some might be more challenging than others due to location, or other factors. However, almost all the time, if not all you have the option of doing that.

What you are asking for is pretty much doable with the schedule already given. I see where you are trying to go with it, and it sounds like a cool idea. However, adjusting the whole schedule for that doesn’t seem ideal in my opinion to make an option that already exists a bit easier, and if not the same.

Again, this doesn’t mean it won’t be taken into consideration, since I am not the one in charge of the ATC Schedule.


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