What about Chinese Airlines B747 case? I cannot find

Hello, i heard somewhere:

A Chinese Airlines B747 was so close to an accident. One engine was broken down and it started to fall directly. But pilots saved that aircraft. I heard this case but couldn’t find anywhere. Was this real? The falling was faster than speed of sound. But it landed normally, healthy.

I want to learn flight number of that case.

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If it was falling faster than the speed of sound, it had already disintegrated. It does not appear there ever was an airline by the name of “Chinese Airlines”. I’m going with fake.

Was it just a gossip? Fake?

More than likely fake.

Might be it wasn’t Chinese Airlines or B747, any similar cases? But i heard that.

China Airlines 611 and China Airlines 006. Go see if those fit what you’re looking for. :)

I’m 90% sure that you’re looking for CI006, so try that one first.

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Oh ok it was 006, i finally have found related videos thanks a lot.

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