What about a ATC-On-Duty timtable?

What about a timetable for covering the major big Airports?

The issue with most people is that they can’t promise a lot of their time, and you’ll have a lot of people change their mind last minute and it would take the spot from somebody else.


Anyways something has to be done to increase the number of quality controlers in advanced server…

We’re trying the “One region per day” thing we tried during the beta. This worked pretty well.

This is a chicken and egg problem, an ATC will not connect if there’s barely anyone flying, and no-one will come if there’s nobody controlling… At least we’re trying to group people in a region for each day.


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I will certainly support the ‘region of the day’ but it would be very hard to commit to a particular time. Betwwen work and kids my time just isnt that flexible and my free time is not always known in advance.

Yeah it’s a question of the time available; Dylan has covered most of this. I can only speak for myself, but my schedule is pretty sporadic so it’s hard to predict when I’d be able to control. Assigning a specific region, however, would at least ensure some coverage.

If I want to open somewhere, I usually just open. Traffic comes when they see a region/location with ATC; works most of the time :)

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Expanding on it some more: Let’s say I was really keen to do some controlling, and I look and see you have people lined up at a good airport for three days… It’s super discouraging if you want to control, yet it’s been booked… Then, you’ll have the whole “I claimed this spot” situation. It would get super chaotic.


How do I get ATC i need help!!!

good point Matt…there’s still alot of under utilized regions which need more promoting…

Great idea but not feasible. Sure there may be some available people at 5 PM on Monday for example, but does that mean they want to disregard their family, life, and activities to keep up with an IF schedule?

The schedule may fill up over time but there will always be some time gap/missed appointment.

What do you mean

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why not something little bit dofferent but more efective? why not " this week atc region"! meaning in 1 entire week, all the atc will spawm at only one region, filling all the airports, spaces! i have big doughtt it will ever be 1 reg full anyway, but there is an chance! i remember pists from matt saying how great is to fly from A to B with full atc! well, i have no clue! i only do touch and goes, becouse on my time is max 1 airport! 1 full atc: ground, tower, departure, center, aproach, tower, ground!


Charlotte, Amsterdam, Paris, NY forgot to say : Oshkosh

Good Point Alexi…

To get ATC you need the live multiplayer.