What a weird day!

Wow. Tower ATC cleared “N498WC” for takeoff the moment I received clearance to taxi to parking. This airport being KNUC, I was forced to backtaxi on the runway. Tower ATC then cleared another airplane for takeoff. After it passed through me, I moved to the shoulder of the runway, then a 777 took off. It went into the grass on the right side of the runway, then it passed through me and flew away. It seemed like he did it just for fun, but it could have been the extreme wind.
Later, a 737 landed right through me, while I was on the shoulder. I’m not going to KNUC again after today.
So yeah, a weird day!


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@MaxSez: Just another Redundant Playground Peanut Post. I’ll use “RPPP”
In all future topic like this instead of wasting my time repeating this admonision daily.


To be honest, the playground is a learning environment for Pilots and Controllers Thankyou very much!


What would fix this…

let me think…

someone made a topic about it previously.


I can’t remember… something about a moderation team

I like hearing these stories, because they’re funny and relatable. If you have a problem with it, ignore it.

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Yeah, it’s pretty weird to contact Ground and request Taxi to Parking while being on the runway.


MaxSez: Ok, LOL!

Hi when were you flying as I think I may have been controlling then. If it was me I’m sorry I was having network issues and planes kept disappearing then showing up again. Also no one was listening to me. But that’s playground

Apology accepted. I understand.

I think I remember that I told him to line up and wait at which point he took that to mean takeoff at which point I lost control of the airport. Thanks for being one of the ones who listened

Oh, it can be complete chaos on the PG. As an ATC sometimes, I may an effort to do everything as best I can (if anyone sees me controlling and doing something wrong, please PM me!) You’ll get some planes request taxi to a runway that’s not in use, on the other side of the airport… before they’ve asked for pushback. Some planes will hold short of a runway and then ask to taxi there - wot? If I miss one plane, on a busy day, a plane might not even contact me on ground, and just taxi straight to the runway. Add a sprinkling of runway incursions and A380’s ploughing through the grass (and other planes) in order to over-shoot the runway they didn’t ask to taxi to, and you’ve got yourself a playground server! If I say: “Please do not taxi through the grass” they sometimes stop, but it’s only to change frequency before continuing through the gates, and the grass xD All good fun though. Advanced server is amazing :)

You’re never going to drop that off, are you? :D

oh shush you ;)

I don’t know why you people continue to be attracted to airports/airspaces that are known to be crap shows.

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