What a Snowy Day!


As we all know, Anchorage, Alaska is quite snowy (in winter). And even though it’s spring now, there’s still snow up north in Alaska. That, my friends, is what inspired this photo. With the sun of spring, and the snow of winter, this is a great time for taking photos of planes. And speaking of photos, there’s snow on the ground in this one! Don’t worry, it’s not photoshop, I went to another airport that has snow, NZFX. I’m just disguising this as Anchorage, (Don’t tell anyone), because Alaska Airlines flies there. So, let’s see the photo!

My Alaska Airlines A320 lines up for takeoff at Anchorage Ted Stevens Airport NZFX, not Anchorage, bound for Seattle, Washington. As you can see, there is still snow on the ground, but the airport crews have done some great work, clearing the runway to allow for my departure from Anchorage.

“Spirit of Alaska [Part 3]” is coming soon, if anyone remembers that series.

Don’t tell anyone that this photo is from NZFX, well fine, go tell The Whole IFC. But I can still say Anchorage for realism purposes. Deal? Good. Anyway, thanks for visiting, feedback is accepted, and have a great day IFC!


Alaska Airlines.

One of my favourite airline liveries, great shot!!!

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Beautiful pictures

I hate snow 😂

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Thanks so much, @TransportForLife!

We rarely get snow down here at CLT, so it’s a treat when we get it. And thank you, @LeonardIF18!


You’re about to be in big trouble!

JK. Great picture!! The Alaska Airlines livery looks so cool with the background.


Is the background snow? Great photos 🔆🤩

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Hey, at least I told the truth, @PilotDog. And thanks, indeed the Alaska Airlines livery looks great with the snow.

Yep, the background is snow, from NZFX, not Anchorage. And thank you, @ThomasThePro!


I forget how much I love that livery. 😍

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Well forget no longer, the Alaska Airlines livery is back! And thanks, @Sashaz55.


What a picture!

How was your flight from Alaska egh-hmm PANC minus 141 degrees of latitude?

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Thank you so much, @SB110! Great flight.

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