What a great time :)

I have been a member of @LuftyVirtual (representing Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines) for more than two years now. After a break in the second half of 2021, I rejoined on the 30th of April and regained my position as PR Manager, so the ugly graphics you have seen published, for example in the thread, were created by me :,).

Two months later and I am burned out. I have constantly been flying beside a two-week vacation and have been working a lot behind the scenes, for example creating the Lufty Virtual website. That’s why I had to say goodbye to the staff members today, but I will remain as a pilot.

In my two months in which I always had 200 hours of logged flight time per week, I gained roughly 1,000 hours of logged flight time and did roughly 100 flights; despite my two-week break without flying.

Now, I want to take a look back and show some pictures I made during that time:

Cruising right over the Bahamas in an event bringing F1 fans to the Miami GP.

Miami GP Banner I made

@Rdeco76 was my number one flying partner during all of this time, flying with me almost every day! Thank you so much! The third pilot is former Events Manager, now Routes Manager, @Skonert. Here we were taxiing in Luanda on a three-leg trip from Brussels to Luanda to Kinshasa to Brussels following a real route by Brussels Airlines!

Southwest African Trilogy Banner I made

A more recent photo (yesterday to be exact) of me descending into Manila after an Asiana codeshare flight.

Thank you @Jakub_Astary for your work at LRCL, it’s amazing. Also thanks to @Ecoops123 for reworking the airport beforehand (yes, I still remember and I am still immensely grateful). A ROTW flight from LRCL to EDDM using the Lufthansa CityLine CRJ900.

Celebrating the reactivation of the A380 with a flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles.

My Los Angeles Banner (I tried to generalize things to create a template

Whoever created EGJJ is a legend. Such a neat airport, with such a short runway that I used like a truly Russian pilot to the very last inch.

As you can see, the Lufty Virtual staff team puts sweat and tears into every little event, as small as it might be. So be so kind as to think about joining the awesome team, that has been quite understaffed recently. I am sure you’ll enjoy it! See you in the skies!


I’m not crying, you are!

Really big thanks for the nice moments Max! you’ll be missed as a staff member :(

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Nice pictures ! I hope you have a pleasant experience in your VA ! 😉

Equally many thanks to you for being there. Without you it wouldn’t have been the same <3

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Wow love all of these

Awesome photos!

Thank you! And yes, I love it :D

Glad you liked them :D

Thanks man!

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We’re super sad to see you go Max! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you’ve put into the VA.


Beautiful photos! :)