What a flight!

Today I did a very special flight! I flew from Montreal to Samedan! Now, before you say to me, “Mr king of realism, why are you flying unrealistically?”, let me explain: I was pretending that Air Canada had decided to bring people to the Swiss Alps for the spring break. I pretended that they used a 737BBJ that they normally used to transport crew members between bases. So you see, I just used a bit of imagination here :). Now, here are the photos!

Taxiing at Montreal as the sun sets behind us.

We’re ready for takeoff!


Arriving in Ireland while watching a beautiful sunrise!

Paris, France, with the airports of CDG, Orly and Le Bourget in the photo!

Descending over the beautiful Alps!

Gear down!

Touchdown, after a flight time of 7 hours and 9 minutes.

Parked at the stand, while the passengers deplane and head to the slopes!

Thanks for reading!


Great Job! 🙃. Wonderful


Kind of reminded me of the old SWA for a moment…

like that last pic with the 737 and the towering mountains


I already made a few topics in the past about how breathtaking the approach into Samedan is. I hope that my flight can tell everyone that you can basically fly from anywhere to this airport!

Weird coincidence… I just flew into Samedan in a Cessna!


Too bad the photos won’t load completely, but from what I can see, great photos there! That looks like a beautiful approach.

Awesome pictures.

Great flight !

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very nice photos