What a flight in Denver!

I was planning to make a quick, relaxing flight from KDEN to KASE. I taxied to 34L and began my takeoff roll but I had to reject the takeoff at about 100 knots due to a runway incursion. After getting airborne for the second time I flew over to KASE, but as I contacted the tower about 20-30 miles out, they told me no inbounds due to heavy traffic. I decided to divert to KEGE, very close by. I began the approach to runway 07, and announced this on unicom. Just as I was on short final some idiot decided to takeoff right into me from runway 25. I went around, and he passed below me only by about fifty feet or so. I flew the pattern and finally landed. Just thought I’d share because sometimes flights don’t turn out as you might have expected or wanted them to, but you can take them as a challenge and an interesting variation to a normal flight. Sorry it was so long!


Something like this happened to me a while ago. πŸ˜‚ (Note: I was not as good as flying as I am now.)

I planned a decent flight from KLAX to KSAN in the rarely flown A380. I took off from KLAX, got all the way down to KSAN, tried to land and came in a little too high, so I went around. Tried to land again, STILL too high, tried again. I landed this time, but was too fast so I did a touch and go, and I just said screw it, and I flew over to KPSP. Basically the same exact thing happened at KPSP, and eventually the controller notified me that my aircraft was too big for the airport, so of course I obeyed what the controller said, and I was so frustrated at this moment. So I had to go alll the way back to KLAX, and I finally landed safely there. That was booked as a 1 hour and 2 minute flight. Still my longest flight to date. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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I also just had a hard approach into runway 33 at KASE. It isn’t used in real life, so it was a very hard approach, I almost crashed into a mountain, but I managed to get around it.

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