What a Decade it has been - here is my story

                Infinite Flight - My Journey So Far


The Early Bird - Quickly Picked Up the Skills

October 31st, 2011, I was my 8yr-old engineered-brain self happily browsing the ol’ App Store on my family’s iPad and I stumbled across an app called Infinite Flight. At the time, I had little to no knowledge about aviation - only knowing the very basics about how to fly a plane (e.g how to operate the landing gear xD). So I got the app and did a quick loop around the SF Bay Area (can’t remember which aircraft tho) and I loved it (even though my landing was absolutely terrible).


The Growth of My Av-geeky Insides

As we went through 2012 and 2013 - I slowly learned all the controls and was becoming a real avgeek IRL (I easily bored my parents - and still do today) My favourite features of the game included the 747, the *Space Shuttle, and those missions…aaaaaaaah. My favourite flights to do being loops around the SF area as well as the ol’ classic pre-global flight, *WSSS-WMKK-WSSS. I was addicted heavily to this simulator by this point and nothing could stop me.


Becoming a skilled pilot - and aiming to fly IRL

With the removal of the Space Shuttle (RIP), I quickly came to like the 777 and 787 aircraft. Also, getting my first girlfriend at the age of just 13 (who I am still with today and who is an avgeek as well) kept my motivation up and she plays IF herself (even though she refuses to join the IFC - because we are a bunch of weird folks) - no matter. With the global teaser in 2016 - it once again boosted me to keep playing this amazing simulator in anticipation of global flight. My favourite flight at this time was loops around the Hawaii region in the 787 - this was probably where my excitement of this game first peaked since my first day.


The Advance of IF - and gaining my SPL

Skipping to October 11, 2017 and the release of Global - I immediately upgraded to the Pro subscription and did a ULH from EGLL-YSSY in the BA 787-9. I really enjoyed the DC-10/MD-11 when it was released in December 2017 and was addicted to doing MTOW takeoffs at short runways to test this aircraft’s capabilities.

I joined the IFC on *Nov 30, 2017 (25 months 1 day ago) and have been active ever since - gaining ‘Member’ status in mid-2018. I felt like I was now part of something more than the core game - with the community and my fingertips for sharing knowledge and ideas - as well as helping out in countless support topics.

With the flow of new aircraft including the CRJ, TBM, XCub and the A350 as well as reworks to the A320, B737 and the A10, it has been a busy past couple of years for Infinite Flight and I have enjoyed every second of it

I gained my Student Pilot’s License shortly after my 16th Birthday and I am currently flying Cessnas and Beechcrafts around Southern England.

and now for some thank yous…

Special Thanks Go To:

@Captain_JR - who inspired this post and for his constant stream of funny posts
@Trio - also for his funny posts
@scyllberg - for helping me out from time to time with app issues.


What about you - what’s your story?




Very Epic 👏

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Thabks tor the tag mate!

It was a great year!

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Wow! You’ve played IF since the beginning lol! Happy New Year!

Beautifully formatted too lol!

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Real nice, congratulations 🎊

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