What A Day! W/ Aborted Takeoff @KLAS Spotting December 17th

Today, after finals I got to spot many aircraft land here at McCarran and I have to say, it was weird and amazing! Most of these shots were taken at Town Square and The Spotting Parking Lot here is Vegas!

A Volaris A320-200 landing from Guadalajara

Spirit A320-200 From Kansas City

KLM 100 Year 787-9 landing from Amsterdam

Southwest 737-700 Florida One From Reno

Condor 767-300 landing from Frankfurt


2 Janet 737-600 From Tonopah Test Range
(Janet delivers workers from Las Vegas to Area 51)

The 787-9 El Al that clipped a telephone pole is getting repairs, here is more about it!

Now this is a low quality picture because I couldn’t get takeoffs well but has a story about it, this 787 American was lining up when it had a tire blowout on takeoff and had to go back to the gate.

Thank You for looking!


Omg Florida One. Beautiful shot of that bird

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I was directly under it too!

My favorite is the Southwest Florida One! 😍


Lovely pictures, that Spirit is 🔥👏

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