What a Beauty!


Ik this is kind of late, haha, but I just decided to get back into IF just to fly the reworked F/A-18E Super Hornet and this aircraft is just magnificent!

Really fantastic work from the IF team for making this aircraft look so good with new animations like the folding wings, the updates to the flight physics and the afterburner!

click this

Route: none
Server: Casual, I’m Grade 1 lmao
Aircraft: F/A-18E Super Hornet
Flight time: No idea

Might not have much time to fly but this was fun

Have a great day!


Great photo! Long time no see!

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WAIT A MINUTE…? The winner of the Captain Fred screenshot competition is here!

[FINALS - VOTE NOW] 1st Ever Captain Fred Screenshot Competition

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Thank you! just been busy with school and other things going on. Looking forward to getting back into flying in IF! Gotta climb up the grades again haha.


I wonder if he still exists cuz I didn’t fly the other aircrafts yet after a long time

Gotta see my guy!

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