What a Beautiful Evening


As Delta Virtual embarked on our 29th leg of Soaring Around the World, I got some pretty nice screenshots of my WestJet B738. We went from Juneau (PAJN) to San Francisco (KSFO), @BigBert10’s favorite airport 😜


I see you flew to San Francisco!!! Why there when there are 2, perfectly good airports either on the other side of the Bay, or an airport just a 45-minute drive from it :)

Nice pictures though and glad to see you had fun! I especially love that first picture!


Thank you so much! :)


Ugh, San Francisco

I hoped for this whole series not to have SFO included

I would be fine with OAK, SMF, or SJC
BUT IT HAD to be SFO 😤




Great pics of what indeed looks like a beaut evening.

Not a cloud in the sky ☁️😉


Beautiful photos :)


Thanks @azeeuwnl & @Vegard_Selsas! :)