What 5 Minutes of Spotting Gets You @ KATL

So a little backstory before I get into the photos :)
I’m over at Buckhead, which is completely on the other side of town from Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Int’l, which is down south over at College park. It’s about 5:00, and I have to be home by 7:15. Somehow, my train of thought goes from the Five Guys burger I’m eating at Lenox Mall, to “hey, what if I grabbed the train, and took it over to KATL?”

So low and behold, I’m on the train, realizing I completely misjudged my time management. By the time I get down to Airport station on the MARTA, It’s already 6:15. But what the heck? Lets go up and get some quick pics!

So here I present to you, the worlds quickest session of plane spotting. 5 minutes on top of the South Domestic Parking Garage, overlooking Runway 9L & 9R!

Despite my time constrains, I still managed to get Live ATC going on my phone. And you best believe when I heard “Singapore Cargo 7192 Heavy, line up and wait 9L” I was sprinting across the parking lot like a mad man.

How about this lovely Delta 739? Reminded me how much I want the split scimitars in IF. (shut up and be patient, Labib.)

And here we are, on our 3rd minute of spotting at Atlanta. We find ourselves a Delta CRJ, from who knows what regional route. Lovely that it’s taxing beside a Delta a321, which was introduced to IF just a few weeks ago :)

And lets not forget our beloved American Eagle Embraer! Caught this just before I turned around and left. Our little a321 was still asked to remain in line for takeoff, but all is well, at KATL!

I did, however, manage to edit the photos slightly on the train ride back. So theres that. But, there you have it, an eventful, overcast, 5 minutes at Atlanta’s hub of air travel, KATL.


Wow, great images! For a short time :)

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I did my best! Had to deal with some light poles and such.

Really nice pictures! Really pretty planes!

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Nice pics! Amazing what you could get in 5 minutes.

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E175 is such a beautiful plane! my dream!

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I love that Singapore 747. For living in Singapore for 10 years I’ve only seen a singapore airlines
cargo on approach or takeoff once!

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Nice job @labibmamun

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Did you run into the infamous Hartsfield Matt?


The Singapore Cargo looks stunning. Great usage of time lol and great pictures

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Sadly no… maybe one day, though.

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