What 3D airports are you guys hoping to see soon?

I have a few airports in mind, curious about everyone else. Most of the inspiration for my list is the fact that I mainly do my flights based on actual flight schedules (as close as possible to the real one).

  • KIAH (Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport): a United Airlines hub (my main airline) and pretty good airport; I like the long walk between some terminals, and there are some pretty good routes that it serves.
  • RJAA (Tokyo Narita Airport): I flew through that airport several times on my way to and from Indonesia when I was little. While Haneda is now the main airport, Narita is still being used actively.
  • VIDP (Delhi Indira Ghandi Airport): I think because I see this pop up a lot when looking up flights to do on FR24, and the use of 777s (which I fly a lot on IF). Without a 3D airport, I just don’t feel like it’s very “rewarding” ending a 12-16 hour flight at basically an empty field.
  • More 3D airports in Japan in general, like RJBB (Kansai Airport). RKSS (Seoul GImpo) would also be nice.
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i’m with you on this one

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Ningbo, China (NGB/ZSNB) my home city’s airport