What 3d airport do you want next?

I dont know if this is allowed but I would like to see what airport you want to see next in 3D? I personally want to see KEWR become 3D

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You can’t request 3D building

Hey there,

Please continue in the thread linked above.


Yea I know I was just trying to see what you guys would personally like to see in 3D

Oh ok thanks I didn’t know there was a similar topic

You and me both, sir!

In addition to LordWizark’s reply, at the moment, 3D airports are designed by individuals who were hand-picked by the Infinite Flight team. Therefore, if an editor chooses not to edit Newark and incorporate 3D structures, that’s their choice.

However, fortunately, Infinite Flight’s goal is to have 3D objects at every airport. So, rest assured, EWR will have buildings at some point.

That said, as you may be aware, Newark is undergoing a massive renovation—a brand new terminal and improved taxiways. As a result, adding 3D buildings now would render useless as they would need to be adjusted in the future. So, maybe it’s better after all!


I understand about the choices of the editors and the renovation going on, keep up the great work for project metal editors!

You can close the topic now

Please update KMIA one of the busiest airport Thanks.

Like they said comment in the other topic

And read @Z-Tube 's reply for more Info

I have them all bwahahahaha