WhaleCrusher IRL?

Odd headline but interesting event. When was the last time you saw a whale and aviation in a title together? No, I’m not referring to the A380 whale… this is a different whale… you know the one that swims? 🐳


Who said the A380 doesn’t swim Matt. Airbus could have planned the whale to swim!


Actually kinda funny because I’ve been to Copalis Airport before. Great airport and beach but never thought I’d see this…

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international headline
Emirates A380 turns into the world’s biggest Yacht club


Uh, well, the last time I saw a whale was in Juneau, Alaska when I was on a tour to see them. Saw a mother Humpback with her calf. I also saw Alaska airlines landing and taking off from Juneau. Does that count?


Wonder if the Airbus beluga will come down for a visit?


I’ll actually be going there in December so if it’s still there I’ll post a pic on this thread…

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who’s up to taking a trip up to washington with me?!

When I was on a flight with your m-

This is definitely one of the strangest things I’ve ever read related to aviation! Nice find, WhaleCrusher!


haha, a whale.

WHAT A WHALE? [Inaudible confusion]

so. 12344567

actually no you are unrelated

ha, i is no whale

What has this thread become? [MORE INAUDIBLE CONFUSION!]

whales on plane runways irl. Or atleast it was. 🫥 #themoonisablobseal

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