Whacky Racing: The Impossible in Nepal @ VNKT - 132300ZFEB20

Season 2 Continues!

Last time we went heavy with the XWB, and this week we take it down a notch to the TBM930. To counter this, however, this week will bring the biggest challenge of this series yet. We’ll be flying from VNKT to VNLK, however, there is a twist. Aircraft must try and land on runway 24 at the airport to complete the event. This is very hard to do, so if you have to use the other runway we understand, but to win you must use 24!

To make it harder still, there are altitude restrictions for this event. You can find these in the TFRs, however, the general restrictions are 12,000ft, then a stepped climb up the side of a mountain up to FL210. From there you have to navigate a steep descent into VNLK, an airport at 9,000ft!

Event Plan

  1. Spawn at VNKT and taxi to runway 02
  2. Take off and follow the TFR gates
  3. Follow the TFR rings up and over the mountains. You must adhere to the altitudes here to complete the event
  4. Continue to Lukla
  5. Attempt a runway 24 landing at Lukla!

So, post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #wackyrwcing. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!


Event Details

Server: Casual
Aircraft: TBM930s

Aircraft must follow the route set out by TFR gates. You must land and stop on runway 24 at Lukla to complete the event. Aircraft will be disqualified if they don’t follow the route, crash or do not use the correct aircraft.

Event Hours:

Begin - Thursday 13th February @ 23:00 ZULU

End - Thursday 13th February @ 23:45 ZULU

February 13, 2020February 13, 2020


Aircraft will be disqualified if rules are broken. This is a voluntary event with no prize for the winner [bar bragging, of course]






Let’s do this!

You monster. I can’t even land a C172 on that.

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This is definitely gonna be interesting - and probably hilarious to watch…

Now this will be fun 😂 can’t wait!

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This’ll be fun due to the pure entertainment of how many will crash. I’ll come lay a greaser. 🤘🏼


Oh yeah so coming to this

Thank you for being the highlight of my day! I have been feeling super sick, but I can finally attend my first Whacky Racing event! I’m am PUMPED!!!


This might be the one day where I might not be able to come. But I might come if I’m available. Either way, great looking race Misha!

Do we have to come to a full stop on 24?

Never mind; just read “you must land and stop”

The chances of you making it are slim, but it’s fun to try 😉



I’m in the middle of a flight, and my landings at Lukla are great especially in the TBM!

Maybe this is just the moderators way of annoying is to death trying to win for their entertainment 🤔😂

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@MishaCamp I have a question do we come in nosediving over the mountain at Luka for a landing on 24?

However you want to do it!

I have a technique already picked out 😉

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After multiple attempts, I am happy to say that I landed and stoped an XCub on 24 at VNLK.

Not sure about the TBM though 😂

Can’t wait! I’ll be sure to stream it this time :)

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Yikes, just got home to find my iPad is dead. It has 8 minutes to charge 😂

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