Whacky Racing: Super Hornet Sprint!

Well, it’s safe to say it’s been a while. But, we’re back with another Whacky Racing event! As I’m sure you’re all aware, 22.6 has been released today and is rolling out to your devices as we speak. We’re going to help celebrate the update today by flying the all new F/A-18 Super Hornet to a very nostalgic airport. That being the one and only KNUC, San Clemente!

San Clemente was an incredibly popular airport amongst pilots back in the early days of Infinite Flight multiplayer. Our routing for today will take us directly over LAX and down past Catalina Island where we will then prepare for landing into San Clemente. Make sure you take enough fuel as the F-18 burns it fast!

This event will be streamed live on YouTube. You can watch it below!

Event Specifics

Server: Casual
Aircraft: F/A-18
Livery: Any

Event Plan

  1. Spawn at KEDW, set full tanks of fuel & head out to RWY 17
  2. Fly the route set out by red TFR rings at 1600Z
  3. Fly as low as possible
  4. Land at KNUC

ALL participants MUST follow the route set out by TFR waypoints. You must land and come to a complete stop to complete the event. Aircraft will be disqualified if they do not follow the set route, crash or do not use the correct aircraft.

NOTAMs Aircraft will be disqualified if rules are broken. This is a voluntary event with no prize for the winner. We recommend tuning into the stream for live updates on the event.

Be sure to post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #flashflight. We look forward to seeing all of your amazing photos! You can also follow us on YouTube where we live stream some of these events and occasionally host giveaways!


Sounds fun! I’ll try to join

Yeah I have to join this

Aka sorry tower

Can you take a pic for GCLP Airport ?

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No that’s Nellis AFB

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Ugh I wish I could make it but I have achool

Hey I’m totally joining

Rip Tower


100% joining!

I wish I could join but I can’t sorry IFC :(

Nvm I am joining!

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Am I able to beat @Dan in this Race

Same I can

Question, any speed limits in the race and how are rings enabled?

The rings will turn red at 1600Z and there is no speed limit ;)

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Expert server?

Casual server!

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Let’s go boys

Is anyone else having a problem connecting to the server?

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Yes @Butter575 my game keeps crashing

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