Whacky Racing Season 2 Race 1: Caribbean Sprint @ TAPA - 212200ZJAN20

I won the last one but I can’t make this one. The streak won’t stay alive.

Yes, I need validation for that victory.

Yeah I understand how it is made for peak times for Americans. Righty ho (this is what British people say) I’m going to spawn in now.

LMAO he had a typo in that announcement😂

@MishaCamp u had 1 job

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Absolute lies. I meant star…


Why are people racing already. Sigh…


Proceed to call boss I’m sick. Jk, I’m still have to work. Missing out sucks.

And I typically spawn on 2 people… interesting how we all spawned in at the same gate at the same time 😂

Absolutely love the new ‘auto start’ this is the only time to actually use it.


Want to come to this, but in a middle of a flight on expert :(
Next time. Have fun everybody


Me too! Those darn midterms.

There is literally 1. Guy. Just. 1. Guy. Holding short of 07. Lol.

Spawning in! This will be my first wacky race… should be interesting lol.

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Ok I’m coming, gonna spawn in in a second

This will be fun! Taking the RNAF C-130H for a spin!

Spawning in a few mins

Do we need a flight plan for this?

Nah, there’s no waypoint within them anyway

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Oh boy, here I come!

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@Butter_Boi I can see you…

Hmmm wish I could have but I’m already doing a TBM flight in the TS from NTMD to PLCH. Maybe next time

Hi @MishaCamp! Did you see me following you…?

In the Grumman

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