Whacky Racing Flash Flight: Lake Titicaca Circuits @ SPJL - 152000ZOCT19

Welcome to a brand new Flash Flight series! We’ve designed this one from the ground up based on feedback and past events. These flights will be part of a series, so expect the format to be much like a TV series with breaks in between each series! This new Flash Flight series is part of a wider introduction of new events over the coming months. We hope you enjoy them, and please give us your feedback!

Join us for the first of a new Flash Flight series!

So, what should you expect from this week’s event? Well, it is in the name; Whacky Racing! This week we will be racing the Infinite Flight B737 BBJ aircraft around the beautiful Lake Titicaca and surrounding areas. Fly as fast as you can, as low or high as you want, with the only rule being no crashing!

The route will be set out clearly. Spawn at SPJL, then make your way to the runway. From there, follow the TFR rings to SLCC, then to SLAP. From SLAP, head back to SPJL. The first person to land and come safely to a stop wins! This route is an anti-clockwise one.

Please note there is very limited parking, so aircraft must wait on or near the runway.

So, post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #fridaynightflight. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!

Event Details

Server: Casual
Aircraft: B737 BBJ
Livery: Any Infinite Flight livery

Between SPJL - SLCC - SLAP, aircraft must follow the route set out by TFR rings. From SLAP to SPJL it is a straight sprint back! Aircraft will be disqualified if they don’t follow the route, crash or do not use the correct aircraft.

Event Hours:

Begin - Tuesday 15th October @ 20:00 ZULU

End - Tuesday 15th October @ 21:00 ZULU

October 15, 2019October 15, 2019


Aircraft will be disqualified if rules are broken. This is a voluntary event with no prize for the winner [bar bragging, of course]


Do you have to make a touch and go on SLCC and SLAP? Or just fly over it?

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Just fly over 😃


Perfect 😍👏

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does disqualified mean ghosted? haha

No, ghosted means ghosted. Disqualified means disqualified 😉


Finally! One I can come to! I’ll probably crash anyway because I’m horrible at airshows
@MishaCamp who are the judges


Lol, this looks fun. And no ghosting👍. It’s at midnight, cant come but have fun!


Great idea, but I bet the servers are gonna crash again 🤣

Casual never breaks. It’s the most trustworthy piece of inventory we have :)


Any and all staff 😉


This is gonna be interesting.

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Any specific fuel/weight loads we need to set or all to our discretion?

If so does this mean I can load 1% fuel and hope it lasts long enough?

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Dammit I just started a long haul… I cant miss out though. I’m ending my 12 hour flight 😥

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This will be fun! Going to walk through the door right as it starts so think everyone is going to get a bit of a head start from me :P

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Limited parking??? There’s 3 gates!!! 😳

I’ve already spawned in haha!

Why is there an MD-11 😑

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Hence why it was posted very early 😉


Why are people taking off already? Isn’t it like 25 mins early?