Wga 747 @kpdx - 02mar20

Hi fellow community spotting lurkers, spotters, and fans! I’m still in the process of going through my massive amounts of photographs and elected to dedicate this thread to the Western Global 747, K356KD taken from the L7 of Short Term parking; 10R/27L side.

Landing 10R

unfortunately you can’t see much on final/approach for 10R from this spot

Rolling 10R

WGA??, Exit Right When Able, Taxi Charlie Echo to Parking

Exiting Runway 10R

The angles and curves of the Boeing 747 are so lovely but a shot up the back really seemed appropriate as the aircraft exited Runway 10R; then to Taxi Charlie6 to Charlie

Taxiing on Charlie

Perhaps to some, the shots seem redundant but other than straight on, I believe I was able to capture decent angles to preserve her in my photo albums.

Let me know what you think of these select few.



Did you take those pictures from the parking garage that over looks runways 28 and 10R/L?

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Yeah, I meant to put the location in. These were taken from Short Term parking L7, on the 10R/28L side, yeah.

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Cool! I spot there all the time

Thank you for point that out homie. I put it in the OP too. We should find one another at some point. :)

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This is one heck of a giant. Thanks for sharing!

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