We've made it to a 100% real airline!

So, an airline posted a screenshot of one of their planes on Infinite Flight. I’m hoping that they realize that it’s not from the real world!
Link to the picture
I can confirm that it is a real page, not some fanpage or a virtual airline as it has the blue check mark next to the account username. For those of you who don’t know, accounts with a blue checkmark are real accounts representing the company/organization.

The account that originally posted the picture (airhipster) is an aviation fanpage that posts Infinite Flight stuff as well.


Thai Airways also did this


Yes, I was looking for the link. Lmao.

Got it mixed up with Qatar.


Its from Oman Air but no credit to IF or FDS :(

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Even FedEx almost got caught up. They commented on one of my photos asking to repost it. I guess when they figured out it was Infinite Flight, they didn’t post it.


It’s a Good advertising for Infinite Flight imho 😊. So people will be interested in downloading the app.

If so, I would like to post something about SIA in Infinite Flight to be featured by SIA =P

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That’s really cool! I didn’t know these airlines had used screenshots from IF. If they actually thought they were real photos…

Link doesn’t work for me. But very interesting!

Here, If you can’t see it


Wow, I don’t even know if those airlines realize it is in IF. It looks so realistic

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It basically means the account is a verified company, for anyone who’s wondering ;)

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How did it feel to have fedex ask to use your post?😂

This shows how IF is realistic enough already, so people, please stop requesting for realistic features lmao.

I guess global should be cancelled because the game is already to good xD

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My heart stopped for a good 10 seconds. Lmao. #tobehonest

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That is cool that airline uses infinitie flight pictures.

The first time I read the title, I thought that Asiana guy managed to create an actual airline

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This is such a great testamemt to how far Infinite Flight has come over the years.

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