Wether Rader / terrain

hi all

is there any plan for developing weather / terrain information on FMS / displays in the future?


Hey!! If you would like to see that in the game you can vote for that request here:

Hi, the terrain radar was actually in the game, but it was removed in 2017 with the global release. The thing is, the devs are not stupid, they can write the code for it and Laura actually had some sort of a wind overlay on her development version, as seen here, but the problem is that it needs to run smoothly on low-end devices. The map rendering was rebuilt from scratch around 2019-2020 (if I recall correctly) exactly for performance reasons.

If they were to try bringing back the terrain maps, it can go 2 paths, or at least that’s the only ones I can think of. They could either generate a picture for each, let’s say 100 ft of elevation, and then overlay it on top of the map depending on the altitude, like they did before global, but that would be bandwidth costly. They could also have it as vector files, but in this case the rendering would become much more intense due to the fact that terrain is much more complex than country borders and it will take a big toll on the performance. And with weather radar, the issue will be even worse as unlike terrain it changes frequently.

So in essence, unless we’ll have a breakthrough in mobile graphics, the map overlays are probably not coming soon.

wait who said they were stupid??? :/

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