Wet speedbirds...

Hi all,

I’ve been seeing many topics on rainy pictures so I decided to give it a shot on PS Express.

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12 Hour flight

What do you think?:

  • That’s pretty good, I like it.
  • It can be better (please tell me how).

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Your picture(s) aren’t loading…

Fixed now. Take a look

It’s pretty good, a little dark and the rain is hard to see. But I like it.

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Couldn’t find an option to change its intensity really

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They are pretty good, one thing you could improve on is making it look a bit more like rain. I can tell its rain, but barely. Other than that, great shot!

nice picture, I trying to do a different one…

The rain looks like it’s from a window. And the pic is a little dark.

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The window aesthetic was on purpose to look like you’re looking out of an airside window. It does seem dark but @anon79257371 re-edited it to be brighter. I’ll add it in a sec.


Here’s the re-edit.


I feel like it’s a little grainy and bland

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The water should be on the aeroplane, and it looks very “superimposed”

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All I would say to improve is just to lighten up the photo a little. Otherwise, great photo!

Again, I barely even know how to use photoshop and I have no idea what I’m really doing so yeah

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That title though…

It is quite difficult to add water to a plane like that, even with the best photo editor, it’s quite hard.

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It could have been brighter. Other than that they are pretty good shots.

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