Wet, snowy or icy runways

It is easy to land in a crosswind, so maybe we should add some runway conditions so it would be harder. What do you think.


Hello there, welcome aboard to this forum, it’s a nice idea, but it should be in features I think. And again Welcome! I’m also new, I joined this Monday.

Why add these when we have the wonderful floating point bug? :)


Thanks. Ya I’ll consider that 😀

Haha maybe he hasn’t noticed the bug yet

I actually think this is great idea!

I agree I think we should add this feature

That would be a good idea. Hopfully we see that in the future.

Seeing as coding takes some time and our devices may be slightly limited. I’m thrilled that global flight is under construction right now. I know the developers are working their tails off making this simulator as real as possible. I’m sure they’ll get around to everything in due time. Who knows…icy runways may be in the near future too.

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