Wet but still beautiful


Went to the airport an hour ago to test my camera and take some pictures. I think i’ll start an instagram account for those pictures xD

my autofocus leftleft me here…

And then it got too dark for my camera, well I didnt wanted to change the options because it was the last flight within the next 45minutes

And then there is one very beautiful picture of an A300-608ST but that will be comining soon on instagram :p

My second day of Spotting training at EDDW

if i were you, i’d add a bit of brightness or exposure to improve the lighting. other than that great job!


Thank you @Delta319 , i think i’ll learn it the next months to make better pictures, it was my first day


Nice!!! I hope to start spotting soon.


Now you have to choose a team
More ISO (sensibility)
Less Shutter speed

Personally I go less shutter speed


Now that is seriously good also that’s one of the best photos I’ve seen 👍


I think more ISO might be ok @OiseauPlume

@J2S i’ll tell you one secret and show you one more pictures

1-The picture:

2- the secret:
If you want to know what happend 10seconds after that picture, take a look on instagram and search spotteddw


Ok I’ll follow you my instagram is