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Welcome to the official IFC thread and the home of WestSky Virtual Airlines.

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Our Motto: “Regional Flying as a Family”
You might question what that means? Here at WestSky Virtual, we are a big happy family. We fly together, talk together, and most importantly, like to have fun while doing it.

Pilot Rankings:
Second Officer: 0-5 hours of flight time
First Officer:5-20hours of flight time
Captain:20-50 hours of flight time
Senior Captain:50-65 hours of flight time
Chief Pilot:65 plus hours of flight time

Aircraft Ranks:
Second Officer: CRJ200
First Officer: CRJ200/700/900 and the Dash 8Q-400
Captain:CRJ200/700/900, Dash 8Q-400 and Embraer E-170
Senior Captain: CRJ200/CRJ700/CRJ900, Dash 8Q-400, Embraer E-170/175
Chief Pilot:All aircraft plus training new pilots

Like many other VA’s, we use Slack as our choice of pilot and staff communication. It allows for effective communication.

Why should you join WestSky Virtual Airlines?
-We have the largest fleet of any regional VA out there.
-We are family oriented.
-We have an advanced crew center were pilots can log and bid flights.

Monthly Stats: (taken July 31st,2018 at 0027Z)
Total Flights:150
Total Hours Flown:232 hours and 34 minutes and 0 seconds
Total Miles Flown:135,502
Total Routes:154

COO:Ryan Greene (@N1RG)
President:Roy Pratt
Chief Pilot:Dillon Greene (@N1DG)

WestSky Virtual is currently looking for a CEO. This person must be in good standing with the IFVARB and must be able to fulfill the daily tasks as a CEO. If you think you have what it takes to me a CEO, please fill out this form. Upon filling it out, myself or another staff member will look at it and you will be messaged on the IFC. Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply.

Some shots of our fleet in action:

We are IFVRAB approved


Can I be the ceo I have always wanted to be in charge of a VA

Fill out the Google Form.

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Will you respond to it

Did you read the whole post?

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Yes but I’m not able to join in crew Center

That’s Bc you don’t have a log in. You have too be an official member too log into our crew center. Pm myself or the OP for questions

Right. Because you haven’t gotten an invite etc…like the post says, please wait 24-48 hours for us to contact you. I need to look over the application and talk to Staff

I have completed the form are you available to interview me now

@Michael_Czyz, please review what they posted in the thread! They will contact you within 24-48 hours. Always helps to read a job application and what it says when applying (treat this in the real world too)


Ok I understand im sorry


I wouldn’t recommend allowing the everyday IFC user to apply and run your airline. Most airlines usually choose a person that’s already in the VA, or a close friend on the IFC that the staff knows can run the VA well. You do you though, I’m just giving ya a recommendation.


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Hi Chris, we appreciate the feedback, and while we would love too give the position to someone in our VA, no one wants that responsibility. Our process is very brutal and is just like a real life job interview. .

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