WestSky VA Recuiting

Do you want to be apart of the airlines most pivotal routes? You know, the route that connects your airport to the main hub? How about the flight that connects you to your business meetings? or maybe with connects you with your family? Well, now you can. Introducing WestSky Virtual Airlines. WestSky Virtual Airlines was founded in December 20th, 2017 by Patrick Aka @Captain_Patrick WestSky is a airline in its own category and class. Skywest, we strive to serve our costumers and get them to where they need to be in the most efficient and timely manner. WestSky operates all of the major US carriers regional routes and has a high tech and updated fleet of CRJS, Dash 8s and of course the Airbus of the regional level, the mighty Embraer ERJ-170/175! We have a friendly staff of two real world pilots, a student pilot and an aviation enthusiast! We strive on treating our pilots like family so do not be afraid to ask us for help! We accept all grades but pilots that are grades 3-5 get released to the flight plan as soon as there application is accepted.

Training Program: Grades 1-2 must go through our training program in which they will learn the ins and outs of each aircraft in our fleet. More of that can be found in our SOP which can be found here:http://westskyairlinesif.weebly.com/about.html.
Applications: All pilot applications will be reviewed by a staff member within 24-48 hours and the pilot will be sent an email with an invite to our slack to join. Interested in joining, you can apply here: http://westskyairlinesif.weebly.com/becoming-a-pilot.html

Pilot Reports: After completing a flight, pilots must go to our Pilot Reports page and fill out all the necessary information to be accepted and logged. Our Pilot Reports page can be found here:http://westskyairlinesif.weebly.com/pilot-reports.html. All reports will be reviewed and added to our log book within 24-48 hours. All pilots must fly once a week or twice every two weeks to remain active.

CEO:Patrick @Captain_Patrick
COO:Ryan @N1RG
Chief Pilot:Dillon @N1DG
we are IFVARB approved


Remember to state that you are IFVARB certified, or people will clog the thread asking that. Looks nice!


Thanks for the reminder. We are IFVARB approved


Still accepting pilots. Join our team today!

I would LOVE to join your VA, I’ll fill out the application once I’m home!

PS. Besides flying I’d love to help with all kinds of web related stuff and graphic design as I’m good with both.

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I have received your application. I will process it later today

We just welcomed our first pilot! Don’t forget to apply today!

Our pilot just logged there 50th flight hour and we have been approved less than a week!

WestSky Routes of the Week 2-19 to 2-25


1.5X the flight time can be added to your total flight time if you do these routes. Just put in remarks “Route of the week”

I put in my application! Can wait to join!

Awesome! Thanks for the application

No problem. Happy to join!