Westover Air Reserve Base (KCEF) C-5 Galaxy Tour

Hey, everyone! Last summer during an aviation camp, my “classmates” and I took a trip to Westover ARB to get a tour of the base and one of their C-5 Galaxy aircraft. I dug these pictures up from my old laptop and figured I would share them! Enjoy!

Tail of the C-5:

Massive General Electric TF39 Engine:

View of the left wing:

Navigation/Engineering Panel featuring MADAR (Malfunction Detection Analysis and Recording System):

View of the left wing through an exit hatch:

C-5 Galaxy Cockpit:

Left wing from the ground:

Westover’s C-5 Galaxy Lineup:

Control Tower with a Blackhawk Helicopter doing patternwork:

View of the C-5 Aircraft from the Control Tower:

Blackhawk helicopter buzzing the Control Tower:

Interesting fact about the C-5 Galaxy: On the Rear Section of the Upper Deck, there is seating for up to 75 soldiers, just like any commercial aircraft. However, the seats are facing backward!

I hope you enjoyed! I had a wonderful time on this tour, and any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Great pictures, Bobby! I hope you enjoyed your time at Westover ARB! :)

I especially love the lineup of C-5 Galaxies. Those things are humongous.


Amazing shots you took!

I can’t imagine the massive size of the Galaxy, looking at how small that trolley thing at the third picture, it’s probably…




Indeed it is! It’s several meters larger than a 747-400F…


Those wings kind of scary from the inside… looks like they’re gonna fall off. 😭

Nonetheless, nice pics.

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The C-5’s a beast. Great photos!

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Great pics! My father and grandfather got me interested in military aircraft from a young age and I have always had a huge fascination of the cargo aircraft especially. Can’t believe those massive things actually fly.


Oh wow! And yeah, these things are loud when they fly over my house!

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