Westland Wyvern


This is a unique aircraft. It has 2 counter-rotating propellers on the nose, creating its unique shape. I would like to see this beauty added.


Dual Prop, interesting…


Reminds you of the Tupelov TU-95, doesn’t it?

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If it had a newly born cousin, yes.

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Interesting, it has contra-rotating propellers…we need more war birds!

Interesting suggestion.

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In attempt to please “everyone”, wouldn’t the Pilatus PC-9 suffice?

No. It wouldn´t.

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Only one prop

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Yes, I can see that.

Along with having relatively similar wings (being polyhedral in nature), they are both turboprop-driven as well.
I was hoping the OP’s description would include more of an opinion as to “why” (such as a particular flight characteristic), other than solely stating “It has 2 counter-rotating propellers on the nose”.

War thunder @the_simulation_nerd?

You know where I got it from ;)

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