WestJet737767’s ATC Tracking Thread - Closed

Frequencies are now closed. Thank you to all who attended!

Feedback G-REAS:

  • Overall nice timing on the clearances and nice traffic directions
  • You gave me an “unable” for my request to change to 36 which isn’t a problem since you didn’t want to use that runway direction, but when you gave me runway 18 it should’ve been enter right downwind, not right base as that put me on about a 1 mile final.

Good job on the controlling today!

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Thank you for your feedback!

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Feedback: F-ALLZ


  • No issues. Good Job!


  • [00:53:01] - Since my takeoff was from the left, you could have used Ext. UW, and Ext. DW command for Air Force 007. That way, without receiving the commands as mentioned, I would conflict with G-REAS.
  • [00:55:30] - After I request the runway change. I got the wrong sequence and clearance. I was number 3. Air Force 007 and G-REAS were still airborne.
  • [00:55:54] - As I got clearance on the right, on my takeoff on runway 9, it should have been right, not left.
  • [00:58:10] + [00:58:47] - It is not necessary to send “maintain slowest practical speed” and then “Speed at your discretion”.
  • [00:59:XX] - OD-IFE could have received clearance without any problems. I was slow and at 5nm.
  • [01:01:55] - The exit command was late (25-35kts). I was about to exit the runway as soon as I got the command.

Here is a screenshot of using the patterns with the intersection runways.

Btw, I strongly recommend that you only use parallel runways and some with intersections if you wish (Let it be just 2 runways). Because when using the airport with a lot of runways, it can be quite confusing for both the controller and the pilots.

I will send some suggestions of airports to train the patterns;

Parallel runways: KAUS; KDAL; KLCK; KFLL and etc.
Intersections runways: KPNE; KALB; KTTN and etc.

That’s all from me! Thanks for having me @WestJet737767! Good Work!

When it opens in the future, please tag me. I will attend as soon as possible!

was on a flight sorry