WestJet737767’s ATC Tracking Thread - Closed for Good

Let’s get some traffic moving here folks! I could use the practice!

Hello, IFC people! I need someone to attend! Please take a bit out of your day to help out! Thanks, me

Currently open at: CYYC - Ground/Tower
Open until: Whenever
Traffic type requested: Any and all
NOTAMS/ATIS: Runway 35L/17R closed as a result of 08/26 closure, expect long taxi, departing RWY 35R, 29, landing RWY 35R

Make sure to use a SID if you’re a west departure for de-conflicting 29 and 35B traffic

Come on down and do some pattern work, or maybe a short 1hr hop to/from CYVR, CYEG, or CYLW!

Training server as always

C’mon and help out an IFATC Trainee! Let’s get some traffic moving!

I can stop by in 45 minutes, if your still open then, that’s the best I can do

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I’ll be around

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im not the best pilot and may not be the messed to give feed back or suggestion

Sequencing was super good and so was the runway change. I was confused why I could not change to 35l though

another suggestion is I would choose a less complicated airport like for example Kfat because it has parrel runways and in the practical test that airport is the one you will be at.

good job

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35L is home to construction and intersects with a runway home to 20ish 737’s

I chose CYYC because
A: I live there
B: I’ve been up on the tower a couple times now so I have it a bit handy lol

Thank you for your feedback and thanks for coming!

One way I get people to come to my tracking thread is I tag people
I would try that because my tracking thread went from no one to lots of people coming by simply tagging people.

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Might be worth a shot, eh

Agree with @Benny07, tag me in you next session and I’ll try my best to join. About to land after a 5 hour flight currently, I’ll be right over to CYYC after I get down


I may stop by later currently getting ready for session

My opinion and observations:

Taxi to Runway - 10/10
All Good, pushback quick and responsive, cue to have me make progressive taxi instructions good, I imagine you were trying to have me avoid the path the Westjet 787 was on.
Takeoff and Climb - 10/10
Though only one message I liked it a lot, it’s definitely a good idea to have a plane fly runway heading as far as they can, as it makes the airspace less congested. If there was more traffic than I would have said make left or right traffic. But there wasn’t so it was appropriate
Descent and Landing - 7/10
So I was cued to enter right base runway 29, but when you cleared me to land it said to make left traffic runway 29, which was a little confusing. I reported I was on final, and you said I’d already been cleared, which is the best thing to do. After I’d landed you said to contact ground when off the taxiway.
Taxi to Parking - 9/10
Quick response for the taxi to parking request, I asked twice to cross runway 35L, and you cleared me, the better thing to have done was pull out the Do not send duplicate message card.

Final Score - 36/40 or 9/10

I am not and repeat not an IFATC member, therefore I do not know all of the procedures, if I have mistaken something please do not hesitate to mention

to be fair its a bit of a confusing airport for pattern work

Hey there, this was because you had your initial departure on a 35B runway, so it would be most logical to clear you into the pattern with on the right base, also considering you were clear of conflict (on right downwind 35R), this is plus still make sense. Left traffic instructions were provided after, because traffic was flowing northbound at the airport. A full right pattern would have conflicted you with aircraft arriving on 35R.

Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for attending!


Frequencies are now closed. Thank you to all who attended!

Currently open at: CYYC - Tower/Ground
Open until: Whenever
Traffic type requested: Any
NOTAMS/ATIS: 08/26 closed, Minimum runway usage in effect on 17R/35L, Use of SID’s recommended, Departing runways 17L, 17R, and 11, Landing runways 17L, 17R, and 11

Optional Tags: @Benny07, @Arizona_Aviator

Come do some pattern work, or fly a short haul out to Vancouver or Edmonton!

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Let’s get some aircraft joining the pattern folks! Come do a 45 minute flight to Edmonton for a short haul!

Everything went great, saw me taxiing through the grass both times, takeoff and starting the pattern was good. When I reported position after you had already cleared me to land you gave me the warning. Everything went great! Would’ve done a short flight to Edmonton but don’t have time to today. Keep it up!

Feedback N56RT-
When you told me to extend downwind, just use turn base, no need for the pattern entry,

Everything else was fabulous! Have a great day!

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