WestJet737767’s ATC Tracking Thread - Closed for Good

Backstreet’s Back

WestJet’s Trusty Fortune Cookie of Rules:
Give honest feedback and be open to flying for a bit

Currently open at: KTPA
Open until: Whenever
Traffic type requested: Any
NOTAMS/ATIS: Landing Runways 19L, 19R, & 10, Departing Runways 19L, 19R, & 10

Status on my trip to IFATC:
Application: Passed and Recruited
Written: Passed
Training: Recruited and In Progress
Practical: TBA


Currently open at: CYBW
Open until: 1545Z (945MST, 1145EST)
Traffic type requested: GA
NOTAMS: No jet aircraft, landing runway 35, departing runway 35, left traffic for patterns

Let’s get some traffic moving here!

Visibility has fallen below 3SM, closing early, thanks to those who came.

If I were to open up for some pattern work sometime soon, would anyone be willing to join?

Asking in advance as the attendance at the former was extremely low

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You wanted GA aircraft - probably the reason for low attentance … everyone will bring a neo lol ;)

Maybe I’ll throw in CYYC in the mix and allow some NEO patterns lol, it’s just CYYC has extremely long runways, that gets boring doing patterns

only neos will attend. Also worth visiting some of the open places in ES at the moment - its very busy. I found it very helpful to watch sequencing etc. :)

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Currently open at: CYYC
Open until: TBA
Traffic type requested: Any, preferably pattern work. Come bring your A330-900’s!
NOTAMS: Expect long taxi, landing runways 35L and 35R, departing runways 35L and 35R

Training server as always

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Let’s get some additional traffic down here!

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Hello there!

Good work, but you need to fix some issues:

-When I was on Right DW you should have to cleared me, I was waiting for you that’s why I report My position. When a Aircraft is on pattern position you can sequence if needed and cleared him.

  • After that you didn’t send me a pattern entry, If an aircraft is Inbound or in runway change you should give him a Pattern entry

Example: EC-IFS Number XX Cleared for the Option after the Option Make LEFT/RIGHT traffic

Take a look here:

That’s all keep your great work!

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Hi, thanks for the feedback

I had decided not to clear you as I had AC taxiing on ground frequency to the runway you were on downwind for. You were neck and neck, so I decided to wait until downwind to make a separation decision. As far as I’ve explored in the sequencing menu, you cannot sequence an aircraft for number 1.

As for the “after the option, make XX traffic”, I understand that there, I was misinterpreting your entry into the downwind as pattern clearance. My bad there fully.

Thanks for coming out!

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Let’s get some planes here! It’s rather quiet, so come on down and help me practice!

Now closed.

i will make sure to come by tomorrow if you open between 14:30 zulu and 18:00 Zulu

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You escaped too soon haha

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When was that lol

I guess as you just closed - open when spawned, closed when airborne lol

Oh my bad lol

Open again! Let’s try to get some traffic! Come bring your A330’s and try a long haul out of the airport!

Currently open at: CYYC
Open until: TBA
Traffic type requested: A mix of arriving/departing, primarily patterns
NOTAMS: Runway changes may occur, expect long taxi, departing RWY 11, arriving RWY 11
Largest AC Allowed: A330