WestJet Walt Disney World Livery

This is an AMAZING livery and it would be AWESOME to see in Infinite Flight!

(Credit: ???)

Especially with all of these other new special liveries being added, why not this one? :)

Very nice livery. Unfortunately, FDS would have to gain the rights to put that in the game and when you’re trying to gain rights to a Disney product, it ain’t cheap. Same reason why we can’t have R2D2 liveries, BB8 liveries, etc.


Hate to say it, but we ain’t ever getting this Livery. Disney does not like flight simulators, or any simulators using there marketing items, like planes


I never thought about that aspect

What type of airplane is this?

@BigBert10 it’s a 737-800NG

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Would really appreciate if the search function was used


Copyrights & stuff… :(