WestJet Virtual Recruitment Event @ KLGA - 122000ZFEB2017 [Cancelled]

Server: Training Server One (TS1)

Region: New York

Airport: KLGA - New York LaGuardia

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Join us for the first WestJet VA event! We will be flying some patterns in the 737-700 to advertise our VA. Come on down to LaGuardia and join our small bit growing VA!

Join WestJet VA at the post below!

Gate reservations are below!
Gate 01:
Gate 02:
Gate 03:
Gate 04:
Gate 05:
Gate 06:
Gate 07:
Gate 08:
Gate 09:
Gate 10:

More gates can be added if necessary.

Join WestJet VA, a new era in VA’s


Good luck from Air France Virtual Airlines!

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Boosting this topic. I would really appreciate it if you signed up!

Could I participate?

Yup sure thing! You’re in gate 01

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The event is in a few short days! You don’t have to be part of WestJet VA to apply, and the more people we have attending the better!

Due to lack of participation, the event is now being cancelled. Could a mod close this topic please?

Just flag it for closing :)