WestJet Virtual Presents: A New Chapter | Calgary Inaugural Fly-In | 13APR24


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Date: April 13th, 2024

Time: Arrival Window 2000z - 2100z

Server: Expert

Featured Routes

VA Featured Route Aircraft Departure Time
@WestJetVirtual PHOG-CYYC WestJet 787-9 1520z
PHOG-CYYC WestJet 737-800 1430z
KSFO-CYYC WestJet 737-700/800 1815z
@AF-KLM_VA KSFO-CYYC WestJet 737-700/800 1830z
@DeltaVirtual KSLC-CYYC Delta E175 1845z
@DubaiVirtual EGKK-CYYC WestJet 787-9 1130z
@ARGVirtual KJFK-CYYC WestJet 737-700/800 1545z
@PorterVirtual CYYZ-CYYC Porter E190 1730z
@KoreanAirVirtual CYVR-CYYC WestJet 737-800 1915z

Procedures: We will have ATC services at CYYC and possibly some departure airports. Please follow any recommended ATC procedures.

Non-VA members are welcome to fly one of the featured routes or any route into Calgary they’d like!
The departure times are to arrive in the arrival window.

Event Partners

WestJet Virtual is a virtual airline that incorporates a highly selective group of staff and personalization to pilots to create a VA for all to enjoy. We began operations April 6th, 2024 and we were founded by our CEO, @SAVRamper. With regular events, high staff enthusiasm, and a quick yet thorough check-ride process, we have established an operation that is both enjoyable to be apart of and professional.

Our route network expands across a vast majority of the world with routes to the United States, Europe, Mexico, the Pacific Islands, Asia, and more with our Codeshare Partners. A full list of our Codeshare Partners can be found on our official thread, linked at the top of this post.

Huge thanks to @KJKLM281 once again for the beautiful graphics!

WJV is not affiliated with WestJet Airlines and/or their operations


Great event! I’ll be flying in from Tampa, if I can make it.


@whyevenbothernaming Cant wait to see you there!


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What time zone is this?

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Should be your local time zone if you have it set in your settings, if not you can click on the time and see it in a bunch of different time zones


Correct! Thank you!


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Todays the day!

I’ll be controlling radar at Calgary, see you all there!

Mutliple VAs are in the air and headed to Calgary! DLVA is just about to depart, AFKLM is currently departing, and WestJet has already departed! We hope to see you all in Calgary!


Delta Virtual is officially en route!

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WestJet is 1:25 out and AFKLM is shortly behind! Thanks for making it guys!



DLVA has all made it! Thanks for hosting, and congrats on the new chapter!


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