Westjet Virtual Group’s first event

Hello everyone

So yesterday Westjet Virtual Group had its first community event

It was quite successful, with a lot of people attending it was fun too.
For this even pt we chose the route CYVR-CYYC because it is so scenic with the Rocky Mountains along the way.


route 🧭: Vancouver-Calgary
aircraft✈️: Westjet 737-700
flight time⏱: around 1 hour


Ok, enough talking. Let’s view those pics

The gang waiting for the start sign

First takeoff, was a smooth one

I present to you, the Rocky Mountains

On final

Parallel landing with @Plane-Train-TV

The gang is back together, after rough and smooth touchdowns

Well, thanks for viewing

I wish you a nice day🌅


Wow beautiful photos! Wish I could’ve came!

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Not your fault internet shut down :)
We’ll probably have more events so don’t worry

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Wow! Looks fun. Lovely pictures :)

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Beautiful photos @Infinite_Qantas! The event was great!

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Yeah, my eyes still hurt from your landing though

@Luke_King-kong thanks :)

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shhhh that landing never happend

Let me take a stab at it and say it was not one to remember for the good reasons?

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He bumped…, I’ll tell you details in PM if you like

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…yes please.

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Beautiful shot!


Glad we could make this possible! We’re looking at hosting more in the future!


The Rocky Mountains never lets the scenery down. Fantastic pictures!

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Thanks :)

@Ecoops123 👀

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk nope, it never does. And never will


Wow! Some amazing pics in there. Love the Rockies and the 🌙. Congrats on a first community event WestJet Virtual Group!

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Thanks, the Rockies were awesome

cough it’s Westjet Virtual Group (Westjet, Swoop, Westjet encore)

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Oh, I’m sorry to see you’ve got a cold… Hope you get better! i did change it though

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