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Founded in December of 2018, WestJet Virtual is a professionally oriented Virtual Airline based off the Canadian carrier WestJet. We offer a diverse and professional aroma within our Virtual Airline, offering real routes along our Group Airlines, a funded crew center with codeshare additions and and active support for any issues, a modern up-to-date website, and multiple programs to suit all pilots. Everyday we aim to be different, and make ourselves stand out with new ideas and characteristics. We also want to offer a healthy, welcoming environment that all pilots feel part of, and not distant to. Our staff have put in days of work, morning to night, revamping this Virtual Airline, meeting the pilot’s needs, not ours. Along with that, our Virtual Airline is constantly changing to keep pace with the modern pilot, but remaining diversity.

In alignment with the real WestJet, we offer over 150 destinations (including codeshares), flown with all seven aircraft (and 20+ codeshare fleet) in our mainline fleet. We have a fully interactive crew center with active support-staff, allowing pilots to track flights, book flights, file PIREPS, research all routes and destinations, and more! We would love for you to come see what it is all about!

Why are we called WestJet Virtual Group?

Here, we operate 5 airlines under the eyes of our Virtual Airline, with WestJet being the primary owner, we also run WestJet Link, WestJet Encore, Swoop, and Pacific Coastal. This means you can fly any of these airlines when flying with us!

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Our team consists of some of the hardest, most devoted individuals within our community. They work day and night to keep our Virtual Airline running smoothly, and efficiently. They are crucial to all work within, and out of the Virtual Airline. Below are our staff, and the credit to the people we will always be thankful for, when creating this Virtual Airline almost 2 years ago.

Position Name Date Joined
Founder @ILOVE7879-2.0 December 2018
Co-Founder @WestJet737767 December 2018
CEO @Ecoops123 January 2019
COO @Plane-Train-TV February 2020
Chief Pilot Avaliable N/A
Graphic Designer Needed N/A
Recruitment Manager @MJP_27 April 2020
Technology Director @Jai0114 April 2020
Route Integrator Available N/A
Events Manager Available N/A

Staff applications are via IFVARB and/or by PM to this account.

What to expect when given a role as staff

Here is a quick description of what you’ll expect to do if you are becoming staff at WestJet Virtual Group. Please be aware we adhere to all IFVARB staff rules, meaning that we may deny you if you have recently been staff, or do not meet the requirements of all IFVARB rules.

Chief Pilot

This role plays the lead to the start of a new recruit’s journey to the top. They will provide them with all the information and answer any questions regarding the VA when questioned from the other pilots. You are the role model to the other pilots, and are expected to attend a high amount of events. At times you may be asked to lead these groups.

Route Integrator

This role needs to know how to fully use PHPvms, as a wrong move can be fatal to other routes, and get them lost permanently. Will need to be able to add routes regularly. This will require a few more minutes work at any time of the day so our pilots can file a route that may have bugged originally uploading the thousands of routes.

Graphics Designer, NEEDED!

This role requires good knowledge of computer art, and be able to create several unique graphics of certain sizes to be used on the community forums, Slack, and website.


At WestJet Virtual, we strive to be different but realistic, and this feature will fall completely in line with that. We are proud to introduce WestJet Virtual Careers. This new system will help us continue to grow and prosper as a virtual airline, but remove ourselves from the general public of other virtual airlines alike Below you can find more information and features of our system:

Please note you may only sign up for one Career program


Want to explore the world with no restrictions? Want to fly any aircraft you wish within our fleet? Than this is for you! Introducing the Maple Leaf Program! The Maple Leaf Program is for our more “adventurous” pilots who want to fly anywhere they wish whenever they want to, and do not wish to follow realistic guidelines. You may fly any aircraft you wish, at any given moment! But remember, Pilot etiquette remains in effect. Down below you can find our requirements, specifications, and where to join.

What to Expect

All aircraft within WestJet fleet
All routes flown by WestJet Virtual
All Code-Shared Routes (See Tiers)
Special Slack Channel

Maple Tiers

This program rewards our most devoted, passionate pilots in the Maple Leaf Program. Below you can find out about each rank:

Tier Requirement Reward
Teal 150 hours American Codeshares available to fly, Teal badge
Silver 250 hours All codeshares unlocked, can earn 1.5x hours on one flight per week outside of the ROTW, Silver badge
Gold 300 hours 2.0x hours on two select flights per month, special Gold badge
Platinum 500 hours The role models of the VA. Here you will be the mentor of the group, and have a large insight and priority decision on all operations.

Grade Three on Infinite Flight
No non-appealed Reports in the past 3 months
Active Infinite Flights Subscription
Able to take and pass a Written and Practical Exam

Feel like this is for you?
Apply Today!

Want to follow real WestJet Pilot guidelines and flight schedules? Want to build skill and adventure new heights in flying? Then our new realistic pilot program is for you! Introducing Banff National Park Program, named after the beautiful and famous landscape Banff National Park has to offer. This program is only for the most realistic and determined pilots in the community, and will have many challenges along the way. Once you join, you will start at rock bottom. Little routes, and flying for our regional airline, WestJet Link utilizing the TBM-930 as the Saab 340. As you progress, you will achieve more routes, more aircraft, and more experience. With all this in mind, you will be following WestJet Pilot rules and regulations along the way, to maintain realism. Down below you can find our requirements, specifications, and where to join.

What to Expect Ranks and Fleet Requirements

What to Expect

Realistic aircraft requirements
Real routes and times
Real WestJet Guidelines
Special Slack Channel

Ranks and Fleet
Ranks Hours Aircraft unlocked Base Unlocks
WestJet Recruit 0-10 hours TBM-930 CYYC Must follow scheduled routes once first joined until completed
Link Captain 10-25 hours TBM-930 CYYC
Encore Captain 25-60 hours DHC-8 Q400 CYYC, CYYZ
WestJet First Officer 60-125 hours 737-700 CYYC, CYYZ, CYVR America Code-Shares
WestJet Senior First Officer 125-250 hours 737-800 YYC, CYYZ, CYVR, CYEG, CYHZ, CYWG All Code-Shares
WestJet Captain 250-300 hours 767-300 CYYC, CYYZ, CYVR, CYEG, CYHZ, CYWG Receives Gold rank badge, becomes Advisors
WestJet Training Captain 300+ hours 787-9 CYYC, CYYZ, CYVR, CYEG, CYHZ, CYWG Role models to the VA. You are the mentors. You will have a large insight and priority decision on all operations.

13 years or older
Grade Three on Infinite Flight
Zero unappealed ATC Reports in the last Six months
Less than 0.1 violation/landing ratio
Active Infinite Flight Subscription
Ability to pass a written and practical exam
Ability to learn and understand

Feel like this is for you?
Apply Today!



WestJet Virtual offers more than 100 destinations in three continents, and an additional 60 codeshare routes across the globe. Pilots can view all the routes WestJet Virtual Group fly from their choice of airports in no more than a few taps on our Crew Center!


Our pilots have the choice between six pilot bases, stretching across Canada. These bases all offer different routes, allowing pilots to explore even more of the world. All our Banff National Park Program pilots will all start in our home of Calgary, and will have the option to venture to other bases as their journey progress. Our Maple Leaf Program Pilots May chose any base, but can only change once every three months.

Take a look at our hubs and focus cities below!

CYYC - Calgary International Airport - Base

Calgary’s International Airport, is WestJet Virtual Group’s base, our main hub, and where all our new applicants will start off at. With 645 scheduled routes in and out of Calgary, we serve all aircraft from the smallest in our fleet, the TBM-930 with WestJet Link, to our largest, the 787-9 Dreamliner here to destinations across Europe.

CYVR - Vancouver International Airport - Hub

Vancouver’s International airport, located on it’s own island is our CEO’s favourite go-to place in the world! We offer many routes around the world from the Main Terminal with WestJet, down to our TBM routes around British Columbia in the South Terminal with Pacific Coastal. Here at Vancouver we offer 260 scheduled routes across the globe with WestJet Virtual Group.

CYYZ - Toronto Pearson International Airport - Hub

At Toronto, we operate many aircraft from the Dash 8 to the 787-9 Dreamliner. At Toronto we operate 476 scheduled routes across the globe! Toronto has some of the best approach and departures across the city, and across Lake Ontario, we highly suggest a flight in from Montreal, Ottowa, and Quebec!

CYHZ - Halifax Standfield International Airport - Focus City

At Halifax, WestJet is well known for serving as one of the only few airlines that operate transatlantic 737 flights. We used to operate from Halifax to many destinations around Europe on the 737 MAX, but currently we now operate the 737-700 across the pond. We highly suggest flying one of these unique routes! At Halifax we operate 61 scheduled routes.

CYWG - Winnipeg International Airport - Focus City

Located in Central Canada, Winnipeg hosts many flights from across all corners of Canada. Winnipeg is a fun small airport to fly to, with us operating 86 scheduled routes here.

CYEG - Edmonton International Airport - Focus City

Edmonton, located a short way north of Calgary, is a smaller airport with some stunning arrivals from the West Coast. we highly suggest flying a Dash 8 here! At Edmonton we have 287 scheduled routes.



Our fleet coordinates with the current WestJet fleet within the app, allowing to get the closest to realism as possible, just a tap away. The WestJet Virtual fleet has a huge range of flights, anywhere from a TBM-930 with service to our local destinations, all the way to the beautiful Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, connections us to Europe and Beyond!

Aircraft Company In game?
TBM-930 (Saab 340) WestJet Link/ Pacific Costal Airlines Specific Livery
Dash-8 Q400 WestJet Encore Yes
Boeing 737-700 WestJet Yes
Boeing 737-800 SWOOP No
Boeing 737-800 WestJet Yes
Boeing 737 MAX 8 WestJet B737/B738
Boeing 767-300 WestJet No
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner WestJet No

Westjet Virtual Group has had the opportunity to partner with many different VA’s, where we run active codeshares between us. Please be aware that we only use our real world partners, and only allow codeshares with active VARB partnered Airlines.

Our Partners:

Aeromexico Virtual (AMVA)


We are young, creative and genius people full of love who are united since the beginning of this journey and always wanted a place to enjoy our passion we offer enormous choice of routes, a big fleet, community events, the most advanced flight training, experienced and highly-prepared staff and high realism in all our operations and procedures are just a few things or advantages that every member of our airline enjoys. While the aviation and Infinite Flight continue growing, we are always open mind to receive new knowledges and keep growing and adapting to become a better Virtual Airline.

Website | Thread | Join

What does AeroMexico Virtual provide us with?

AeroMexico provides us with a huge range of routes utilising most areas across Mexico. We use their Embraer E190 and Boeing 737-800 when flying a codeshare route.


Established in 2017, AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual Group (AFKLMVA) is among the elite virtual airlines operating inside the Infinite Flight mobile flight simulator community. In addition to legacy carriers Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airways , low-cost subsidiaries HOP! and Transavia are part of the AFKLMVA portfolio. Cargo service is provided by Air France Cargo and Martinair .

AFKLM offers mature aviation enthusiasts a well-organized Virtual Airline platform centered around realism, learning and community spirit. With 33 planes in our fleet, 319 destinations across the globe, three distinct flight modes, a pilot training academy and a mix of dynamic events , we specialize in one thing and one thing only: providing the ultimate VA experience.

Thread | Website | Apply

What does AFKLM provide us with?

AFKLM provides us with a range of routes focusing with Air France. This takes on many routes around France. We use their Embraer E190, Airbus A318, and Airbus A319 when flying a codeshare route.

Cathay Pacific Virtual (CXVA)

Cathay Pacific Virtual is one of the newest virtual airlines to take to the skies of Infinite Flight. We aim to uphold the highest possible standards for our pilots, and, although we are not directly affiliated to Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. in any way, we still endeavour to maintain the everlasting flair that Hong Kong will always represent; even in the toughest and darkest times.


What does Cathay Pacific Virtual provide us with?

Cathay Pacific Virtual provides us with routes to Hong Kong, using their Airbus A350-900 and Boeing 777-300ER when flying a codeshare route.

China Airlines Virtual (CIVA)

With our warm, welcoming, approachable, and devoted staff, we can guarantee you that all of our pilots will be satisfied with our professional experience! All of our staff work hard to make our VA better for our pilots - by encouraging realism and professionalism when flying. We also have special routes too, where we allow each and every one of our pilots to vote on what the featured routes for each week will be. We communicate through Slack: a professional, easily navigable, fun, and comfortable environment for all of our staff and pilots. We operate hundreds of routes from our hub in Taipei to destinations across 5 different continents. We offer our pilots a range of unique benefits such as upgrades, pilot competitions (like the pilot of the month), and many different events. Join China Airlines Virtual today!

Fly With Your Dream!

What does China Airlines Virtual provide us with?

China Airlines Virtual provides us with routes operating from Vancouver and Los Angeles to Taipei. We use their Airbus A350-900 when flying a codeshare route.

Delta Virtual (DLVA)


Delta Virtual officially opened behind its founder @USA007 on Dec. 26, 2016 and has soared to be one of the most active virtual airlines within the IFC. Behind the backing of an agreement with the real-world Delta Airlines, Delta Virtual has changed the VA game with a state-of-the-art website that is unlike any other on the IFC, custom built from the ground up, which provides the support for more than 175 members within a VA that has logged more flights, more flying miles, and more flying time than any other VA, hands down. Delta Virtual strives to uphold the highest standards of the Infinite Flight Community, the IFVARB, and our pilots. We encourage our community to be active members of the IFC, to create an environment of enjoyment, kindness and professionalism. Join Delta Virtual here today!

Thread | Register | Website

What does Delta Virtual provide us with?

Delta Virtual is the largest Airline Partner we have here at WestJet Virtual Group. We use their Bombardier CRJ-200, Embraer E175, Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Boeing 737-800, and Boeing 737-900 when flying a codeshare route.

Dubai Virtual Airlines (DVA)

Dubai Virtual Airlines strives to inspire our pilots to become the best they can be while providing a realistic and professional flying experience at the same time. We make sure our staff have the utmost professionalism and know how to guide our pilots in the right direction. We make sure that pilots are trained well and to our standards, while also providing an enjoyable experience all around. We create exciting and unique events on a weekly basis internally, with our companions, and externally. Our motivation is to always be better today than we were yesterday.Dubai Virtual Airlines strives to inspire our pilots to become the best they can be while providing a realistic and professional flying experience at the same time. We make sure our staff have the utmost professionalism and know how to guide our pilots in the right direction. We make sure that pilots are trained well and to our standards, while also providing an enjoyable experience all around. We create exciting and unique events on a weekly basis internally, with our companions, and externally. Our motivation is to always be better today than we were yesterday.


What does Dubai Virtual Airlines Provide us with?

Dubai Virtual Airlines provides us with their Emirates Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A380 service between Toronto and Dubai. We provide Emirates with routes all across of Canada, with future plans to expand the real codeshares to America and London Gatwick internationally.

Japan Virtual Airlines (JVA)

Sadly this VA has not responded to our contact


What does Japan Virtual Airlines provide us with?

Japan Virtual Airlines provides us with a connection between Vancouver and Tokyo Narita. We use their Boeing 767-300 when flying a codeshare route.

Qantas Virtual (QVG)

Qantas Virtual Group is one of Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airlines. We are well known for our weekly events and community involvement, as well as our innovative approach to the Virtual Airline experience. As Infinite Flight’s first Virtual Airline, we have worked hard for over 8 years to provide the best experience for our pilots. We hope to bring Australia to the world through this partnership and can’t wait to see where it takes us. Check us out at Our Thread!

What does Qantas Virtual Group provide us with?

Qantas Virtual Group provides us with a full service from Los Angeles to the East Coast of Australia. We use their Boeing 787-9, and Airbus A380-800 when flying a codeshare route.

Virgin Virtual Group (VGVA)

Since our founding in January of 2018 as Virgin America Virtual, the Virgin Virtual Group has continued to be an innovator in the Virtual Airline sector ever since. Our mission is to bring new, never before seen additions to the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline sector that pilots love.
We strive for realism while still creating an enjoyable environment for our pilots. We boast a truly worldwide route network, with pilots able to fly aircraft from Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America and Virgin Australia at every rank.

Virgin Virtual Group Thread

What does Virgin Virtual Group provide us with?

Virgin Virtual Group provides us with a huge range of Virgin Atlantic routes across a ton of countries around the globe. We use Virgin Atlantic’s Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-600, Boeing 747-400, and Boeing 787-9 when flying a codeshare route.

These are only our partners with active codeshares

Our operations with other Canadian Virtual Airlines.

Here at WestJet Virtual Group, we don’t want to be rivaling against our neighbours, so we’ve created, and participated in crossover events for fun, filling up our home, and enjoying the beauty of Canada together as one. We are not partners, although we do love working with Air Canada Virtual (ACVA), and VirtualPorter, and highly suggest checking them out too for some Canadian love!


Ready to join one of the hardest working Virtual Airlines on Infinite Flight? Pick a program and join!

Maple Leaf Program: Apply Today!

Banff National Park Program: Apply Today!

We can guarantee a quick and simple application process, a process that usually sees pilots take the skies within 48 hours.


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